Traffic ticket against monk driving in robe stirs online protests


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Oh, so happy to live in Japan, where this is “news.”

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Oh, so happy to live in Japan, where this is “news.

Too right.

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"could get entangled with the gear selector," not that it has, so any body can get stopped and given a ticket for something because it might/could happen, how daft is that? you might or "could have an accident" so your having a ticket! this is just plain silly. we could all at some point run a red light, so yet again more tickets.

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I hope this monk fights his case. He was obviously driving fine until the overzealous cop stopped him.

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This cop probably passed a plethora of drivers using their phones, watching TV, no seatbelts in the back seat, children under 13 riding bicycles without helmets and a dozen illegally modified cars and motorbikes. But, no! He gave a ticket to a monk for something that ‘might’ be dangerous.

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Not very much happens in Fukui...

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We had our property blessed by a monk before our home was built. Quite common to see in Japan. I can't remember if he dressed when he got to our site or not. He did drive his own car though.

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Do police make up their own laws or enforce them?

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Soon in Japan men will get traffic tickets for not wearing underwear and having too long Freds hanging and interfering with brake pedals... Women will get trafic tickets for not wearing bras and having too large breasts hanging and interfering with the steering wheel... Laws must be enforced!

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...yeah, that's the first thought I had too, this officer just tried to pass his opinion off as law??

....and yes, what about women wearing a dress??

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Do police make up their own laws or enforce them?

Never will forget years back when a cop car stopped my car for driving with a license plate of a neighboring prefecture. Then, even though I was speaking Japanese fine with them, they got an English speaker on the phone to tell me they were going to search my car. When police are bored, anyone is fair game.

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Driving with an out of prefecture plate is no reason to search your car....

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Training exercise?

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