165-km Mt Fuji ultramarathon starts


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I don't understand how they're figuring the altitude gain. 7,942 meters? When Mt Fuji is only half of that?

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"I don't understand how they're figuring the altitude gain. 7,942 meters? When Mt Fuji is only half of that?"

Undulating....up and down, up and down, up and down....

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wow I didn't know Kowichi was running the marathon this year!!

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beats sitting in a cube for 46 hours!

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it's the total gain in altitude... same on Rokko whole-mountain trail, from Suma to Takarazuka in Kansai. The highest peak of Rokko mountain is 930m but the total gain of the 56 km trail is close to 3,500m.

Japan has very nice trails ! I whish i can do the Fuji Ultra-marathon one day :)

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I was answering to

I don't understand how they're figuring the altitude gain. 7,942 meters? When Mt Fuji is only half of that?

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bunch of friends running today, myself did the ultra road race there last week.. best views in japan

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It looks like a beautiful view, and not that difficult if you train for it. Probably the most famous ultra marathon in the world after Hawaii races. Of course making the podium is impossible for me! I will probably do this race next year.

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I thought this was a typo at first, 165m that a race I could just about finish, but then I read it again, 165 km! holy Molly ! I take my hat off to any one who runs that sort of distance, especially up and down and up and down it on rough terrain on Mt Fuji. I bet there is going to be one or two people with blisters, muscle problems, sprained joints, good luck to you all!

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Can't quite see the enjoyment in putting your mind and body through such pain for so many hours.

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I was working there today, the race gets bigger every year (only started 6 years ago). The runners are in for some interesting weather this year, they'll be spending much of the race in cold, mountain mist. Rather them than me. The winner usually takes around 20 hours to complete the 165km, and for some reason the French seem to be very good at it.

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Can’t stand the thought of doing it again.

(I couldn’t stand the thought of doing it last year, either.... )

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That's a sure way to age your hip & leg joints 5+ years in 1 day.

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You can see the Fuji course here.

As a GPS nerd who cycles in the mountains, I don't quite see 8000m of total vert there myself, even allowing for undulations, but there you go. I certainly don't envy them being out overnight in the weather we're getting this weekend. Cold means needing more energy to keep warm, on top of the huge fueling demands of this race. There are gels and things, but there is only so many of them you can eat. Here's hoping the runners all get enough down and stay safe. You don't want to hit the wall in some cold dark woods.

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Most won't even finish, so...

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I don't care of what is this and why is this is this top news here in JT...God bless me and them who want to live beyond existence.

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I've done a couple Tough Mudders, but those folks are way more hardcore than I'll ever be...

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Answering Serendipitous 1's comment, the reason why people put themselves through so much pain in events like this can best be summed up by a response made years ago to an interviewer by one of Britain's most famous marathon runners, Dr. Ron Hill. He was asked whether he enjoyed doing the arduous training that is required to achieve the fitness required for such events. He replied "No, but I enjoy having done it". That is the key, the satisfaction of achievement. How much more so with the actual event you're training for when you finish!

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