Train driver on Yamanote Line fails to wear glasses while operating train


East Japan Railway Company (JR East) says that a male train driver in his 50s operating a train on the Yamanote Line in Tokyo failed to wear his glasses, which is a vision requirement for his driver’s license. 

According to JR East, the legal eyesight requirement is at least 1.0 acuity (20/20 vision). However, the driver’s uncorrected visual acuity is 0.9. Just after 9 a.m. on Wednesday, the driver began working his shift from Ikebukuro Station but failed to put on his glasses after removing them during a break, Sankei Shimbun reported. With his corrective lenses in a bag, he operated the vehicle between Ikebukuro to Shin-Okubo for about six minutes. 

Although the train operation was not affected, the driver will receive counseling for ignoring the legal requirement, JR East said. After noticing his missing glasses at Shin-Okubo Station, he reportedly put them on and continued operating the train.

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As a glasses wearer, I don't understand why anyone takes them off unless they are going to shower or sleep. What can you gain from it? You can't see anything!

If you don't like them, get lasik or contacts.

And don't get me started on people that wear fake glasses for "fashion" when they don't have to.

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He took off his glasses during a break. I usually take off my glasses when I anything close up, reading, eating, cooking, etc. Because of that, I often forget where I put them. In his case, his eyesight does not seem to be that bad so I can understand. But that doesn't take away that this would hit the news, very impressive culture.

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