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Transport ministry reviews safety at JAL after spate of incidents


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Another Japan Inc quality issue? Where's the bow?

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JAL passenger aircraft and a Japan Coast Guard aircraft at Haneda in January

Regarding that incident, I had been waiting to read about crew member being rewarded for their heroic efforts , but have come to think the airlines do not want any more media attention paid to that in their effort to suppress reports of dangers related to flying.

Still hats off to all the crew members that risked their health and lives shepherding passengers off the plane safely, and hats off as well to the passengers for exiting safely.

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While working at one of the big four eikaiwa 30 years ago, I was told by an aeronautical engineer studying with us to never fly JAL. Seems he may have been right.

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Hmm, what about the recent JAL incidents, outside of Japan?

Seems they forgot to mention those, here.

They can bow all they want in Japan, when it happens in other countries, they can’t just bow and think it’s all good.

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You mean the ones mentioned in the penultimate paragraph, shogun?

"A JAL aircraft entered the wrong runway at a U.S. airport in November, and another crossed a stop line in February, also in the United States."

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Not been a good couple of years for the aviation industry!

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Those are quite a few incidents to happen in such a short time. They really should be checked out and am glad to see Japan's Transport Ministry being proactive on this.

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Didn't JAL, JUST promote a woman to become the first CEO of the company?

It's a little too coincidental with all of these accidents.

Hmmmmm, can we say "scapegoat?"

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shogun36Today  01:35 pm JST

Didn't JAL, JUST promote a woman to become the first CEO of the company?

It's a little too coincidental with all of these accidents.

Hmmmmm, can we say "scapegoat?"

What a silly notion. These incidents have been occuring from before the female CEO.

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These incidents have been occuring from before the female CEO.

that's the point. incident here, incident there. (before the new CEO) uh-oh, someone is going to get the blame for this. I don't see these issues ending anytime soon.

psst, Tanaka. we need to hire a scapegoat here, AND fill out this "diversity deal" as well.

I got an idea, it'll kill 2 birds with one stone........

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CEO of JAL has no business (nor technical) knowledge since she was a flight attendant (air hostess) when starting working for JAL.

She explained herself that matter:


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Compared to ANA my flight on the same route with JAL was crazy. Everything was full of tourists vs. mostly Japanese businessmen, the code was shared with 4 other airlines, the service was not up to ANA standard (the behaviour of the staff was comparably rude - not saying it was rude), and the airplane appeared dated, the entertainment system was outdated with bad content that did not change, etc.

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