Transport ministry to investigate how deer got on runway at New Chitose Airport


The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation said Thursday it will investigate how seven deer were able to get onto the runway at Shin-Chitose Airport in Hokkaido.

The deer were spotted at 7:15 p.m. on Tuesday, causing the closure of two runways for more than 2 1/2 hours, Sports Nippon reported. Thirty-four flights were affected. The Air Self-Defense Force Chitose Base in the area opened one of its runways to civilian flights to ease flight congestion.

The ministry's office at New Chitose Airport released a statement, saying, “Having this many deer intrude on the property is exceptional.”

The perimeter of the airport is surrounded by a two-meter high fence, and with no signs of any holes in the fence, how the deer got into area is unclear. It took a snowplow and nine cars about seven hours to get the deer out of the area.

However, Wednesday morning at 5 a.m., five more deer were seen near a runway and were rounded up by 9 a.m.

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New items at the Chitose cafeteria? Venison steak, Bambi-burgers, venison teriyaki, and so on.

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If you spray a predator sent on the fence the won't come (wolf, coyote) .. many airports around the world use this.

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Thanks, great way to wind down the day, watching deer "clear" fences on You Tube.

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Prob because Hokkaido is rich in wild life, I know of people who go there to hunt.

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We're they photografted and hoof prints taken?

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Turbo, thanks for the link.

I suspect that Ezo deer, with their shorter stature, would not jump as high as the mule deer in your link, but still pretty high.

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Deer New Chitose Airport:

How to Manage Pests - Pests in Gardens and Landscapes - Deer

... Deer normally will not jump a 6-foot fence, but if chased or threatened, they can clear an 8-foot fence on level ground. Because of this ability, a 7- or 8-foot fence is recommended, especially in the Sierra Nevada mountain areas where larger deer are found. On sloping ground, you may need to build fences 10 or 11 feet high to guard against deer jumping down slope. ...

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I think they hoofed it in.

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I guess these guys working on security for the airport have never seen deer 'fly' over things when they travel at speed. A fence two metres tall with snow on the ground is not that much of a challenge for these little buggers when they're leggin it.

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Deer, deer, deer, deer, deer, deer, deer. On dear!

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Must have cost a lot of bucks to chase the deer out.

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how the deer got into area is unclear.

They were on a flight to meet some reindeer at the North Pole. There was a "stop-over" at Chitose airport and they disembarked to "relieve" themselves...

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Oh deer...

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Deer can jump that high.... Two meters is not that high, plus it's not two meters high if there is a lot of snow on the ground.

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Bought a ticket maybe...

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CTS higawari lunch: Half-price "gyu"-don. This week only.

I suspect the deer jumped in. They can jump quite high.

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Transport ministry to investigate how deer got on runway at New Chitose Airport

form a panel of experts and we may get vague report after one year.

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