Travelers crowd trains, airports as Golden Week holiday begins


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Sounds good, hope everyone has fun.

Last week I got the chills one morning and felt feverish but no fever.

Had a negative test and then a horrid week of waking up at 4am everyday because I was coughing and lost my voice too.

Now at the start of GW my wife has the same thing and the same negative.

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It's beautiful to see people living their lives without fear of the unseen.

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Golden Week is a great time to stay in the city.

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I’m glad people are moving on and living their lives.

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Nice to see with no quasi-garbage,how about seeing people traveling in & out the country as well? Maybe after Mr. K gets re-elected with his landslide victory in July. A lot of my younger students are booked to go overseas for summer, Me too!

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A perfect time to stay home and avoid the crowds.

OTOH, I'm looking forward to doing lots of stuff after GW, after all the drones go back to work, and recreation sites, shops, cafes, and such aren't ridiculously crowded.

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had occasion to go to Tōkyō yesterday, and before coming back out here to the coast, went to a beer cellar type place I've frequented periodically for some years. many more people than for the last two years, many still wearing masks when not actually eating or drinking..... the atmosphere was lively for the first time. even the waitress, who I always chat to about her ever-changing hairstyles, remarked on how relaxed everyone was, and enjoying themselves. it was quite moving to witness that manifestation of the resilience of us, and the simple things that give people pleasure.

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Osaka was so crowded today that people were literally treading on my heels!

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Hot bath at night and that powder kempo medicine in a golden packs you can get at Matsu Kiyo or any pharmacies, and she'll be ready for GW by Monday.

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Nice to hear the idea of moving in a mass touches peoples hearts. Not a heard person myself so once these people get home, in a traffic jam I will wave as I enter a space devoid of drones.

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OTOH, I'm looking forward to doing lots of stuff after GW, after all the drones go back to work, and recreation sites, shops, cafes, and such aren't ridiculously crowded.

Love these comments about drones. If you have kids then you have no choice but to holiday when the schools have holidays. Nothing to do with ”drones”.

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Maybe up to Onagawa.

Masks not mandatory.


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Where's the social distancing?!

If you know my posts, you'll know what I mean.

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It's great to see the country getting back to normal. Even better not to be travelling with the masses at this time of year, as it was before 2020.

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Hi Devin

I mean not mandatory on my boat.

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Massive numbers of out of town’ers here in Wakayama…mixed with cold rain and gale force wind!

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thepersoniamnow; you may have had the flu version that is going around here in the United States that has symptoms almost identical to Covid. I had it and also my wife, son, sister, and cousin and it is a sinus flu that produces a dry cough in the upper chest along with slight fever and sometimes severe headache. My doctor told me off the record that hospitals here have been diagnosing this as Covid because the government gives them an average of $19k per Covid patient but $0 dollars for flu. Took all of us about 2 weeks to get over it and 3 Covid tests came back negative.

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We've had two years of restrictions to protect the old and sick....

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Time to move on?

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"Now at the start of GW my wife has the same thing and the same negativ

I had a negative on a rapid test back in January and a positive on a PCR the next day. Rapid seems not as accurate. If you did rapid, try PCR.

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It takes a savage mind to design a 'Golden Week' that has Monday & Friday as working days.

I'm not one to complain, but I mean bloody hell, come on.

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@ Fred Mcgowan

I had it too. It lasted about three weeks. It was bad. I couldn't smell or taste for a few days. I thought I had COVID, but I tested negative.

All these doctors and pharmaceutical companies trying to make money off of COVID.

It's a shame. People need to realize that COVID isn't the only thing out there.

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Thomas Goodtime

Golden week is always a horrible time to travel with the crowds....

That's a horrible photo....

It's a beautiful site to see after two long years of pandemic restrictions.

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i know sounds pervert and silly but holidays for me noting is better than stay home enjoy home cook, favorite music, surrounding, sport&shows, last but not least, romantic intense love making, raise a glass & wish y'all best health. Be good&safe.

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If you have kids then you have no choice but to holiday when the schools have holidays. 

I am so glad I don't fit into that category (anymore). We do what we want, when we want.

Of course, people with kids aren't forced to travel during school vacations, either. There is other stuff to do.

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Travelling is difficult during Golden Week, no kidding. Like it never happened before...

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