Tritium levels reach new high at Fukushima nuclear plant


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Yep, totally under control! NOT!

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Relax! "it's ...snicker.........under.......snicker........... control .........bwahaha!

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If radiation is increase then it is not under control and all the government is doing is lying to everyone.

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This just in from the Japanese news:

東電幹部は福島第1原発汚染水漏れ問題で「コントロールできていると思わない」と。民主党会合で。 ("We cannot consider that we have control over contaminated water leakage.")

So they have finally admitted it. Still, the water leakage is minor compared to the dangers inherent in extracting the used fuel rods. We may well look back at this time as a period of relative safety.

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With every passing day the situation becomes worse and worse at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant. Since his declaration that the situation is "under control," Abe has not commented on what's happening up there. Wish he would come out and appease us some more about how safe everything is ... As of now, only his sacred words can soothe our worries about that radiation spreading everywhere.

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Because of lack of trust, people have learnt to multiply any figure from TEPCO by factor of 3. Therefore, if TEPCO reports 97000 besquelles of Tritium in ground water, people think it must be more than 291000.....And when TEPCO reports an accidental temporary leak, the people just interprete that irradiated water has been intentionally been allowed to continously pour out. And when Abe announces that the damaged plants are under control, the people interprete that they are actually not only out of control, but even the operators do not know what to do to stop the mess. Mabe the people are right.....Biut there is nothing as bad as losing trust of the people....

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There is more outrage about a cartoon then the problem. Priorities might need a little reassessing. Daily spikes!

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It's "under control"? You mean undercontrolled!

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Might as well turn this into a blog.

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Looks like TEPCO is playing a game of Whac-A-Mole.

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They use tritium in watches for luminosity... I wonder what Daiichi plant and its surrounding areas look like at night, and if that area glows.

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This radiation spike measured in the well....I don't believe its from the tanks...I believe its from the fissioning cores....the cores are the problem

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Japanese are the perfect people to lie to. Theyll believe any govt statement provided there is a pride ridden message. Kind of like how the Tohoku problems can be solved more effectively if the country wins the Olympics. Pathetic! Not much respect from me anymore.

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IOC needs to revoke Japan's winning status for lying about the "under control" situation which it is not!

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"Yep, totally under control! NOT!" ....that's right!

Like in the movie "CHINA SYNDROME"

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Was the " outrage " really by a large number Japanese, or just by a few arrogant politcians/diplomats? If you want to give me "thumbs down" fine, but at least answer the question.

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Fortunately scientists snd engineers are working to find a solution to this problem while the whiny brats do what they do: gripe and blame.

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