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Tropical storm heading for Tokyo as Olympics draw to close


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It's more than 1 tropical storm headed this way now. We're in for a wet weak, and probably a nasty typhoon season.


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Thanks for the Obon storm, dang.

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I'm just pleased that my favorite Filipino disco band, Hagibis, got a mention. Now that was a freakin' storm!

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At least we can considered more lucky compare to most Asian nations at the moment who are hit hard during this monsoon season.

Tell that to the people in Atami area or Shizuoka / Kagoshima / Shimane prefecture who suffered severe flooding and landslide this year ( many deaths, injuries and properties completely destroyed ) or the people of Okinawa who are battered with typhoon after typhoon every year. You probably are always safe around Tokyo but in other parts of Japan people are suffering! That’s the problem with some Japanese who live in their own bubble world. People in Fukushima are still suffering until now and people and Tokyo pretend it’s all ok and everything has recovered…

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So they'll play them up to the Japanese public in order to minimize casualties, and play them down to the Olympics community so as not to alarm anyone.

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On the Japanese news they are calling them typhoons, but this one (#10) will probably glance past Tokyo like a tropical storm.

No.9, though, which looks to be hitting next Monday/Tuesday, is forecast to slice right across Japan.

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One: This storm is not hitting Tokyo directly and will be on the West side of the storm and quite weak here in the Kanto Tokyo area.

Two: It will not cool off anything except rain-soaked asphalt and cement. It will suck up more humid tropical air with humidity.

Three: Para-olympiads with their fragile compromised body health will have a tougher time with the weather especially if venues they are using are not wheelchair friendly as most venues in Japan are not.

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Quite appropriate to end in a deluge

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@JeffLee, it depends on how you look at it. The previous storm was considered to be a welcome sight for the surfing competition that day. While this storm will bring some rain and wind to cool off the heat while most event are already finish by sunday anyway. Not to mention according to the meteorologist, the bulk of the storm is not gonna be inland but instead move away from the shores. Is mostly just rain and wind that will hit the coastal cities. So if you look at it this way, we should considered it to be lucky because this is typhoon season but so far there isn't a single typhoon which hit Japan so far. At least we can considered more lucky compare to most Asian nations at the moment who are hit hard during this monsoon season.

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Whoever wrote this article has failed to know that the Paralympics area a major part of the Olympics. Let’s not forget that. Apparently, Bach, along with Suga and Koike, are far away from reality, when Bach gave his speech earlier.

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Could these Games be any more cursed?

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member when’ headlines were simple, focused on ‘the safety of people’s lives’, rather than games? :

“ Tropical storm heading for Tokyo . ” -

Hoping everyone one is ‘safe’ in the coming days and aftermath.

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They don’t care about the health of people,so no matter if there is a pandemy or a tropical storm but their goal is just to get as many medals as possible for Japan in this hyper glorified sport’s day.

The sooner it’s over the better it is.

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funny you should say that, because up till 3 or so weeks ago it was always "the Olympics and Paralympics", but suddenly, no mention of the latter.... so..... interesting to see what transpires..... or doesn't....

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These Olympics end Sunday? Went by fast. Too much Netflix bingeing.

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That is a fair point @buffalo

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The olympics are coming to a close as typhoon approaches.

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Let's not forget the para Olympics have not begun yet. So Olympics drawing to a close - Olympics reaching the halfway point?

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