Tropical storm heading toward Kyushu, Japan Sea coast


The Japan Meteorological Agency said Friday that a tropical storm was moving toward Kyushu and is expected to bring torrential rain to the Japan Sea coast as far as northern Tohoku on Saturday.

Tropical Storm Kong-Rey has already caused widespread flooding in the south of Taiwan, with three deaths reported since Thursday.

The agency has issued a flood and landslide warning for northern Kyushu, as Kong-Rey, the 15th tropical storm of the season, causes unstable atmospheric conditions.

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So it's Typhoon No. 15, then?

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So it's Typhoon No. 15, then?

unstable atmospheric conditions.

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I wish people would learn to read weather maps and meteorological agency would stop creating panic in their forecasts. It's a strong high pressure system not even categorized as a typhoon and will have died out in the next 24 hours over southern Japan, yet I have people running around in my office in Tokyo panicking that a typhoon is coming. Gees!

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Shame it's not hitting early next week when I'm going back to junior high. They always seem to strike at the weekend these days=poor show.

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So it's Typhoon No. 15, then?

Get Real,

No, it's still a tropical storm, and it's called TS 1315 (KONG-REY). When and if it gets stronger, it could become a typhoon.

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Japan calls ANY storm a typhoon... it's funny.. I'm in Okinawa and it's a little windy but not much of a storm so far. Actually around 6 pm, there were pretty NO clouds in the sky.

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Asakura: Exactly! I think the four or five times a typhoon has hit Osaka while I've been living here there is only once it was not a Sunday. Disillusioned has a point as well, often when we get warnings and what not the typhoon ends up being a mild wind and even accompanied by sunny weather, but it's better to be safe than sorry as of course they can be quite deadly. I just hope this time we don't read about the old guys that climb up on their roofs during the storm and get killed.

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anything to get rid of this unbearable humidity!

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It's not surprising there's no storm in Okinawa as it's not in northern Kyushu, where the typhoon is headed and where I am. Already here there's torrential rain and flooding, and we're only on the edge of the storm, with a full day of this ahead of us. The main item on the news this evening was how hot it was in Tokyo today. One of the complaints people have in this area is that if it's not affecting Tokyo, then it's not happening. How right they are!

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"anything to get rid of this unbearable humidity"

Don't you have aircon and income not dependent on going out and delivery service? Neither do I!

If the typhoon comes this way, today's humidity is going to seem like a drought...

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There are specific windspeeds associated with the names tropical storm and typhoon. They are not all called typhoons. Now, that said, once a typhoon hits land, it tends to lose power. Okinawa sometimes gets hit hard, but most of the typhoons in Japan go from southwest to east or northeast, and the wind isn't usually that strong. They can have a huge amount of rain, though, causing landslides and floods in some areas. The news does tend to be overly cautious, even with small storms, so nobody believes them when a big storm comes.

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Oh, please! Check this link for an animation of the low pressure system's course. It's barely even a storm!

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Slow moving storms can bring lots of rain and cause flooding. People should be more worried about flooding than strong winds.

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Mother in law was due to visit us here in July but her flight was cancelled after the SF Korean plane crash. She has rescheduled for this week and now there is a tropical storm threatening the departure airport.

What more proof do we need that there is a God......?!

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Keep your heads down everyone and take care.

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Batten down the hatches

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Looks like it won't hit, and that it is no longer strong enough to be a tropical storm.

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Bah! Thanks a bunch, God!

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My husband is truly Japanese...he heard a typhoon is coming and decided that today would be the day to fix our roof. Hopefully anyone who is planning to do the same gets their work done before the storm hits. Stay safe everyone!

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