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Troubled nuclear fuel processing plant in Aomori OK'd by regulators


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Nuclear regulators on Wednesday said a trouble-plagued fuel reprocessing plant in northeastern Japan has passed safety checks, bringing it a step closer to beginning operations after more than two decades in limbo.

something is very wrong here. Two decades? Trouble plagued and regulators give it an OK? Would not want to live anywhere near this. Like to know the names of these regulators and their education history! They have more failures then success when it comes to regulating the nuclear industry.

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It's amazing how all of these controversial decisions are all being made during this pandemic. A few days ago the retirement age was quickly raised to age 75, without hardly a boo from many people. Now this accident waiting to happen gets full approval after years of mistakes and problems. Looks like the government is really taking advantage of this virus to get things pushed through when people are just thankful to receive a measly Y100 000!

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Where will it be stored? Scattered all over Japan because we all have to share the risk. As we all have to do praying for a usless power plant for 20 years. Ingenious, government idea.

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For the time being, Japan has no other choice but to restart nuclear power plants if it wants to reduce its dependence on imported oil. As the country is surrounded by rogue nuclear powers like China and N Korea, it’s reassuring to know that Japan has a large stock of weapons-grade plutonium.

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Aomori has a history of severe earthquakes; Japan hasn't learned anything from 3/11. Welcome to lala LDP land.

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If you look at all forms of energy, including renewables like wind or sollar. Nuclear power is still the gold standard if you care about the environment, if you have a 127 million people and your country is a first class manufacturing power.

Newer generation nuclear reactors are very safe compared to Fukushima reactor that was decades old about to shutdown in the next 5 years and hit by a magnitude 9 Earthquake and then a Giant Tsunami. Let's look at facts and what's in the best interest of Japan. Nuclear power is one of them.

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France and the UK both have experience of reprocessing plants, so Japan is not the "first at bat!" They could easily have asked for advice. The UK even second nuclear specialists to support Japanese operations, and have a number of Japanese staff working in the UK.

Interestingly only 9,000 kg of plutonium are held in Japan, the other 37,000 kg are stored in the UK and France.

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On November sixth last year, a USAF F-16 dropped a 230kg dummy bomb 5 km short of their bombing range target, just 6 km from Rokkasho. Let's hope those facilities are strongly built.

Quote from headline published here on JT 8 November 2019: U.S. F-16 drops dummy bomb off firing range in Aomori Pref (Article itself 'no longer available')

Accident report: https://www.pacaf.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2146786/air-force-releases-findings-on-2019-misawa-f-16cm-mishap/

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About time to find your place among the others on this globe.

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