Tsukiji fish market's outer shopping area solicits new name


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Put the new casino there, then call it “Fish and chips”

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expatToday  10:12 am JST

“Stinkytown Toyosu”

Why would they name it after the area they are not in, and which would be bound to cause confusion over its location?

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Fishy McFishface Markets

oh... do they already have an ultra-cute mascot? Can’t have a major tourist attraction without a mascot.

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"Tsukiji Market", which becomes "Tsukiji Maaketo" easily enough. Nothing fancy, please?

"Tsukiji Sacrifice Zone" may be a bit too true. Going to miss the fascinating combination of the inner and outer market. Another truly unique experience destroyed by the greed of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Ishihara's construction company cohorts. Sorry to find Koike was no better nor more insightful.

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How about 2KG?

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Olympic Market

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Original Tsukiji Outer Market

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