Small tsunami observed after M6.8 quake off Hokkaido


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Looks like the same fault as last year's big one. Felt all the way from Hokkaido to Shizuoka but happily not so strong.

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Also felt it here in Tokyo. Not strong, but it shook my earthquake warning devices I have around the living room.

Hope the tsunami isn't a big one.

And hope there aren't any nuclear reactors in the path of the tsunami. We've had enough of that nonsense ...

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In hokkaido and felt it, was not very bad, but felt it, and me, kitty, and this old apa-to went for a little sway. Glad it wasn't me feeling the tail end of it because it struck badly somewhere else in Japan.

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Felt this in Sendai, although it was just light swaying. I'm still just a visitor, but I was scared. Not used to this! But my fiance is moving to Niigata soon, thankfully, where it's a bit more quiet.

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Scary stuff, that nature! Hope everyone's alright.

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I was half sleeping, but felt a slight tremor here in Tochigi. I couldn't have imagine it was a 6.8! Wow..

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Hope everyone is okay. Will this fault chill out or what...

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I also felt it in Tokyo. Interesting, right?

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Didn't feel it at all in Tsukuba, Ibaraki. Hope that people along the coast are fine. They already had enough of this last year. Just yesterday, I thought that a bigger one would be due quite soon due to the drop in the daily earthquake energy release during the last week. Sometimes, I hate it to be proved right.

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That was a very long and scary sway up here. I wasn't sure what to do. So far, a 10cm tsunami hit Cape Erimo. Let's hope it will not get any worse. The worst are earthquakes like that at night when you can't see anything. The tons of snow around are also a problem since they stop you from running away.

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No end to it and this activity could continue on for the next 30 years. The land up in the NE dropped and the previous sea walls destroyed and some areas are subject to flooding so even small tsunami can cause problems. Hold tight everyone and hold everyone tight.

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Wow...people up north aren't getting any breaks at all. One year later and they are still getting hammered.

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We just had another earthquake up here, smaller though. I was just sitting in the bathtub and it created a small wave. I am getting prepared for the night now with my emergency goods, you never know.

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delitachan, don't count on Niigata being any quieter. There have been a lot of devastating earthquakes there.

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" No end to it and this activity could continue on for the next 30 years. "

Why "30 years"`? Japan will always have earthquakes, nothing will change miraculously in 2042.

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Whoa! Just had a 6.1 M in Tokyo! Tsunami shinpai arimasen!

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another nasty one just hit Chiba

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Due the powerful earthquake last year which released a massive amount of energy, enough to move the atmosphere, the country and the plates, during the next 30 years or so the frequency and intensity of earthquakes in that region will increase. And no earthquakes won't end in Japan any time soon.

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Does someone want to have the courtesy to actually reply and engage in discussion instead of just boringly giving my previous comment a thumbs down? It's a very important point. If someone thinks Niigata is going to be safer they are sorely mistaken, and if anything the opposite is very likely. There may be more earthquakes happening on the eastern faultline but they happen out at sea so unless you are on the coast and under threat of tsunami there is not too much to worry about. Even the 9.0 on 3/11 caused minimal physical damage and resulting injury. Niigata however lies directly on the faultline, so if a much weaker earthquake, like this one or the one that just happened in Chiba, happened in Niigata, we could be talking about significant loss of life, even though the magnitude is nothing compared to ones like 3/11.

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Foxie please make sure you have a heavy coat, snow boots ready to escape if the next time maybe much stronger so better to be safe than sorry, right?? I will chant for you and your husband to be protected! Your amigo down in balmy Tokyo.

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My yurekuru finally warned me!! But it was funny because I was in a room with about 20 people from all over the world and everybody started and screaming in different languages!! But we are fine just a bit scared and I just want to get the heck out of Shinjuku ASAP!!

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For 8 years, we lived in north Nagano, next to Niigata. Both are very beautiful places to live. The people are a bit slow to trust new people, but once they do, you'll have friends for life. We now live in Kobe City. Basically, everywhere in the country is subject to earthquakes and other natural events. I'm sure both you and your future husband will enjoy Niigata.

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Olkawa, I will be joining you soon in Niigata, just have to wait another year before I get my degree. Job and housing (for two months) are taken care of. Anyone else know of the activity in Niigata? My friend there says that it does shake a little, but not much since the 1990's.

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This didn't appear on my yurekuru. The 2 recent ones in Chiba did though, stupid thing.

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zichi, Maurice, thanks for the reply but it's not me moving to Niigata, it's delitachan. I was saying to her don't assume it's necessarily going to be better there than Sendai as she had said in her post. Niigata has had quite a few big earthquakes and I think has a nuclear power plant sat right on a faultline.

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Oikawa is spot on about Niigata. When you go to Niigata city have a walk a long the river and check out the photos of the Great Niigata quake. They have a saying there that when there is a year of heavy snow, it brings quakes. I loved Niigata.

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