At least 50 dead as record rains prompt mass evacuations in southwest Japan


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Very sad, my thoughts and prayers.

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Sad greeting from Cambodia,

If there is a chance to support you guys through our participation, we will have one cambodia team volunteer to help u in any kind of work in your country. RIP to all victim

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Great to see communities helping each other, as well as the army.

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I often drive alongside that road, thank heavens I wasn’t on it that day.

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Tough times ahead, rebuilding and funerals with sad hearts. Sorry for those who lost their loved ones and their homes. Still dangerous days ahead with alert and caution. Rain has stopped but the water from the mountain behind our home is gushing and will be for many more days. Increase in the mosquitos too.

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Terrible. Japan needs relief. I hope the Australian government has offered to help although im not sure what they could do. Certainly HMAS Canberra & Adelaide can move a lot of people.

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As foreigners living in Japan, we talk too much, complain too much because, at the end of the day, we are guests here and all happy to live and be here. 

So, my wife and I offer to take in 2 people, aged, young, couple,... for up to 3 months while their house is being repaired or cleaned.  And no, we are not rich, we do not have a big house, but we can manage this. Me going there to help, would be more than a nuisance than a help as I am not very practical and I would be in the way. So this is what i can do. 

Those whom think prayers help..maybe.. not my place to say..but it certainly is not enough to excuse yourself from doing anything else

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robert maes

As foreigners living in Japan, we talk too much, complain too much because, at the end of the day, we are guests here and all happy to live and be here. 

No some of us are permanent residents who have devoted many decades to living in the country. We have the freedoms to express our opinions and complain if warranted. Not something I do much. But I'm not a guest.

You are good to offer help to your neighbors even with inconvenience to you and your family. If you are renting you would also require permission from the landlord/owner. Our own lease forbids that. Going to help is good too, cleaning up and making the tea. You probably have more skills than you realize.

Today people in our area are out helping to clear up all the tree debris, while chatting and laughing too.

Prayers are offered to help the giver feel better than the recipient who won't be reading the JT posts.

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Zichi, your arguments are valid and just as correct as mine.  I am also in Japan since long,  this is the 2nd time I live here and I am staying here, but I still consider myself a guest, as I am not born in Japan, even though I did and do my part to earn the privilege to live here. I created even a J league team out of nothing. 

Devoting our lives to Japan is in part true as well, on the other hand, I get back a lot from this country.  love/hate relationship in part, you know that feeling. My dogs were stolen here, my brothers of 11 and 8 years. I know who has them but I can only hope the people who took them, understand their mistake, all other ways, I have tried. I try not to hate them, but to show they are wrong. I understand people's sorrows and problems better because of this and try to help others instead of fighting people and waste negative energy as they know they are wrong but can not find the courage to admit it to themselves or whom are scared to be seen " loosing " by returning them to me, while actually they would win, doing so. Don't get me wrong, I do al I can every day to convince them. These 2 are my family.

You are right again that i can go and do more and not being handy is not an excuse not to. I will go next Sunday after I determine how I can spend that day usefully. You are right, thank you for making me realise it.

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