Twin panda cubs make debut at Tokyo zoo for devoted fans


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Pandas are cute, but the fascination (if not "obsession"??) the Japanese public and media have with them never ceases to amaze me. There have to be other cute animals in a zoo, no...?

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Thought they designated this place as emergency closed from Tuesday?

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Good news!

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Yes Blue: Koalas, Japanese are crazy for Koalas. Koalas are not related to Bears genus. The closest relative is the Wombat. Who agrees only convicted criminals are the only mammal that should be placed behind bar or place in a cages. I would enjoy a tour of jailed inmate but not animals. They did nothing wrong and they get life behind bars. Always the same sentence. Life with with parole and no chance of an appeal.

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pandas are a force of good in this world, I want them on every street corner

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Animal slavery.

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The rare animals live mainly in the bamboo-covered mountains in China's Sichuan area.

doubt these have ever seen, or will ever see such landscape. jailed for being cute huh....

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Were it not for zoos and captive breeding programmes pandas and other seriously endangered animals would have ceased to exist. Only by facilitating the public to see them can you raise awareness of their plight. Yes it would be better if it were not necessary but we have to deal with the situation as it is not as wishful thinking, we have to live in the real world.

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i took my wife to see the pandas near Chengdu, China... to be honest, they are very lazy... kinda just sit there and munch on bamboos and when they are not eating, they are napping.... its almost like watching a couch potatoe....

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You can still have captive breeding In way better environment. They keep animal in small spaces so people who paid there prostitution fee can get a up front view. This is the only reason animals are confined in a very small area. If they place them in large enclosure like 1 km square the visiting people would see very little and complain it to far away I can see it . I want a refund. Go and spend your money on real prositutes at least these mammal have a choice.

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I prepare to pay my more tax for a better captive breeding program. So there would be no need charge fees. The captives mammal then could live in a better suited environment EG in. Enclosures 100m x 100m. But even after Taxes and better environment the Zoo Mafia would still work out a way to profit. EG every day for a few hour they be Force the mammals into a small enclosure for close up viewing so they could make money. Tell me why the need to view these mammal close up when you and get a much better detail view and all the info associated with the mammals of your own choice by simple as getting online. It about time we treat mammal the with the same respect and science we dealing with climate change. At present Zoos can do a way better job. By bettering the Zoos mammals environment with large and better enclosure would be the same has transitioning from fossil fuel car to electric car. We can all do better.

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Yeah, and they only get Chinese names.

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