Two 10-year-old boys given certificate of appreciation for helping lost elderly woman


Two 10-year-old boys in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture, have received certificates of appreciation from the police after they helped a woman in her 90s who was lost.

The two boys, Soma Sekiguchi and Ryo Kuramitsu, came across the woman who could not find her way home on a street at around 2:40 p.m. on Feb 2, Fuji TV reported. They took her by the hand to a nearby koban (police box).

Earlier, a home for elderly people where the woman lived called the police reporting that she was missing.

The boys were given their certificates on Feb 12. They said they were glad they were able to help someone in trouble.

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Well done boys. I hope you boys continue your good deeds into adulthood.

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Great job young men. I would love more stories like this.

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Simply awesome! ありがとうございました

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