Two men taken to hospital after smoking 'legal herbs'


Police said Tuesday that two men in Tokyo's Sumida Ward were taken to hospital on Monday after smoking herb-like substances.

According to police, a group of six men checked into a hotel room at around 11 p.m. on Sunday, TBS reported. The men reportedly smoked several kinds of dried herb-like substances in the hotel room, following which two of them complained of sickness. The men, both in their 30s, were taken to hospital. Police say the men were treated and later discharged.

An investigation is currently underway to establish whether any illegal substances were mixed in with the herbs, TBS reported.

Police say there have been a string of reports of ill-health and even deaths attributed to "legal herbs" as their popularity increases.

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Stoned and couldnt handle the buzz was probably all.

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"Legal" does not equal "good idea". Especially in Japan.

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"Police say there have been a string of reports of ill-health and even deaths attributed to “legal herbs” as their popularity increases."

Sounds like tobacco to me. Glad the police are finally going to crack down on all the cancer, emphysema, coronary disease, etc. caused by cigarettes. This is good news--though I never expected looking into legal activities it to be a police matter.

What a world.

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Hahaha, reminds of the fools who tried smoking banana peels back in highschool or when in Uni I dried out some excess aquarium plants & gave them to a couple guys who thought it was good &^%$ hahaha, too funny

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An investigation is currently underway to establish whether any illegal substances were mixed in with the herbs, TBS reported.

Yeah, and how about an investigation to find out what substance or substances in these 'herbs' caused the men to get sick. Sounds like they were doing a variety of this stuff and doing a variety of any kind of drugs, legal or illegal, is generally not a good idea.

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Where do I get some? Sounds like good sheet.

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Big deal. If you stub your toe you'll be taken to the hospital.

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This reminds me of my Japanese friend who tells me she cant drink coffee because it "makes me all jittery and shakey and my head spins" - uh, yeah, thats the whole point!

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There have been several death linked to these "legal highs" and the dangers are now quite well known - certainly in the UK where two teenagers recently died after taking them. A foolish thing to do. I hope Japan looks into ways of keeping them out of the reach of young people but these adults should have known better.

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That people have resort to this kind of crazy thing is one argument in favor of legalizing the real stuff.

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Don't criticise....legalise! Free the herb, man!

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This could have been avoided if marijuana were legal. You wouldn't these incidents where people experiment with synthetic marijuana substitutes created with dangerous chemicals to circumvent drug regulations.

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it doesnt seem most of u understand what this article is about mainly because it assumes that you all know now in japan there are stores that sell weed "like substance" that supposedly gets u high. its not weed, so its legal. there are shops around that sell it by the joint. its some sort of chemical on some sort of leaf. from what i hear, its addictive and dangerous, unlike the real illegal stuff we cal marijuana.

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Never back in college smoking some sweet ganja and one friend started screaming at me!! And I was like dude, what's wrong?? He was yelling something about me having 3 heads?? Maybe these Japanese dudes had a similar bad trip??

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Herb shops abound throughout Japan , more than 100000 of them. They sell three gram packages of "herb" for three thousand -6000 yen each. The result of smoking it has a similar effect to smoking marijuana. I think many who try it are surprised by it's strength and therefore freak out when they get too high.

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That'll learn 'em !

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Salvia Divinorum perhaps ?

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Seriously though Japan is a nice place without (as much) the drugs that other country's have, at least I don't see the efects like the junkies do prevalent in Americas and Europe, inaddition to the cost to the society.

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If everyone grew their own marijuana, this kind of thing would never happen.

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smoking leaves from a tree, good idea idiots. smoke some cinnamon and nutmeg while your at it !!!!!

I guess sniffing glue is beyond them,now ! ! ! !

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That legal herb incense smoke stuff can kill you, people in the US have Died from that crap. Stranger_in_a_Strange_Land is right on the money.

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legal does not mean all natural

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All this synthetic marijuana is gonna make a lot of people sick.

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Six thirty year old men hiding in a hotel room smoking legal herbs, sounds like the beginning of an inappropriate joke.

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I was talking about this in the other article about america. There are shops selling stuff like hemp and and telling people that it is ok to smoke it. Hemp will make you sick as a dog and mess up your kidneys. There is probably no illegal substances in what they smoke but they need to go to the shop they got it from and shut them down or fine them.

Many people say this is because marijuana is not legal. i say its because people are crazy. You dont NEED marijuana. If you want it so badly, take your marijuana money and buy a ticket to a place where its legal and move.

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These herbal drugs in Japan seem to be much stronger than marijuana and the problem is that they seem to make you tired for a long time. There have been many reports of people being hospitalized. Marijuana would be much safer.

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