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Typhoon weakens to tropical cyclone, bringing torrential rain


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It started out as a typhoon and received an official number and name.

Usually when they hit land they get downgraded to tropical storm status. Glad this one only brought some water and cooler temps.

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As was mentioned in an earlier posts to a similar article yesterday, this is not a typhoon - not even close. Its a tropical depression.

And do you ever seriously wonder why Japan is a Japanese speaking country and not English?

Why do you expect Japan to conform to the "English" way of thinking?

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Google sent my phone an alert, it will start raining at 12noon today.

Only a few drops so far and its almost 6pm.

I guess they thought I was on AU network and the push would take a few hours to arrive.

Nice to know they are thinking ahead, and we will get IR emails to be cautious about rain now for each typhoon that comes this year.

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Kochi, heavy rain this morning, intermittent showers, no gales, the humidity is a downer. The gardens a winner.

My cucumbers, tomato's are impressive, salads all round

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I hope this will alleviate the serious water shortage in Shikoku.




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Only 26 Celcius degrees here in the central provinces, and it is cloudy and humid; but where is the rain? 150 millimetres was forecast...!

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Typhoon?? Here in Fukuoka it was more like a misty rainy day, no one skipped a beat, but it sure did bring some serious coolness to this terrible heat, so I'm loving it, NO complaints!

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I definitely don’t trust NHK weather. I usually look out the window.

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It is now a Low on the JMA website.

Here in Nobeoka, Miyazaki it was raining kinda hard but about 12pm the rain stopped and now sunny. Not a cloud in the sky.

It was naver a typhoon anyway. It was a Tropical Storm, the a Depression, now a Low.

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All my kids' schools have been canceled for today.

Hardly any rain has fallen today and there's been absolutely no wind. Just a mellow cloudy day. Yesterday was a rainy day with some winds.

This is not a typhoon as we know typhoons to be with raging winds and rain.

As ifd66 mentions above, they need to make a distinction between a typhoon and a tropical storm and depression.

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This will cause serious flooding all over Japan, even Kanto. It's very slow moving and is dumping a lot of water. Don't write this one off as just a minor storm if you live near a river.

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Here in Miyazaki the schools are all closed, yet there is no rain or winds. This happens for almost every typhoon.

At least the students and teachers can get a break

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Err, here in Fukuoka it's just like an autumn day in the UK. "Typhoon"?!

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Dave,just a small storm,that will be near Tokyo, through next week not moving,our weather service give us hourly forecast Google Nhc Noaa

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I hope this will alleviate the serious water shortage in Shikoku. And no serious damage elsewhere.

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As was mentioned in an earlier posts to a similar article yesterday, this is not a typhoon - not even close. Its a tropical depression.

The distinction between typhoon and tropical depression should be recognised, especially by responsible media outlets, otherwise, the reporting cannot be accurate. 

Same with hurricanes - they are only referred to as hurricanes if they are over a certain sustained wind speed.

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Typhoon Aere was moving slowly eastward toward the western and central parts of the Japanese archipelago and is expected to become an extratropical low-pressure system in the early hours of Wednesday, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

In Japanese, Typhoon Aere is simply called Typhoon #4, the 4th typhoon taking form this year. I like the Japanese version.

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Sasebo is such a nice city.

I enjoyed living there.

I hope all my friends are safe.

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This is a blessing considering that the rainy season has ended 30 days earlier than usual. We need water for the rice paddies, to replenish water in dams and water reservoirs. Thank God for typhoon Aere.

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