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Typhoon approaching Okinawan islands


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I thought I had travelled in time after reading this! This normally only happens later in the year.

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Finally some much needed water for the trees and garden.

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Will it come to sendai too????

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Here you are, the map from the JMA about this one....Kansai on the 12th. Maybe.


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the morning commute in honshu on wednesday might be brutal. I'm hoping my company gives us the morning off at least.

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Hope it doesn't do much damage, stay safe Okinawanites.

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Time to wax up the surfboard!

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Part of the natural cycle to bring water to Okinawa.

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YuriOtani: Yes, but they are coming at an unnatural rate recently. Typhoon Noul may well do some damage in Japan and it's only May. Typhoon Dolphin is forming just behind it.

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No worries Smith, the people of Okinawa are ready for any typhoon.

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Okinawa does indeed get many Typhoon but they and their buildings are prepared for it. In exchange very little to none earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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Philippines have had a really tough time of it over the last year or so.

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For those 'hoping' for a day off work, this tropical cyclone will not be packing anything like a punch by the time it get to the main islands, the waters aren't warm enough yet, but this is early for typhoons to be forming.

As of Sunday afternoon, EDT, Noul is a typhoon as it starts to move away from Luzon in the northern Philippines. Noul is currently 595 miles southwest of Okinawa, Japan, and moving north at 9 mph. Maximum sustained winds are 130 mph with gusts to over 160 mph, or the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane. Winds will begin to slacken over Luzon after gusts of over 130 mph were seen on parts of the island as Noul made landfall on the northeastern edge of the island. Storm surge of over 12 feet occurred near the landfall of the storm.

As Noul pushes off to the north and eventually northeast, winds will weaken a bit as the system gets picked up by an approaching cold front. Though we are not expecting a strong storm as it moves near Okinawa, this may still be a typhoon as it approaches Okinawa and the southern Ryukyu Islands Tuesday morning. Winds will gust to near 80 mph with heavy rainfall and storm surge of over 6 feet still possible. The rain may lead to flooding and even mudslides in some locations.

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wishing for the safety of all the people in the expected Typhoon area, it will be nice to take all the safety measures beforehand

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@UK9393. Great input there. If you can, how do you think an "el nino" would affect this region? I read somewhere that this migh ocurr. You explained that that the water isn't warm enough. What significance will an el nino episode have on the power of future typhoons? Thanks.

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@smithinjapan "...they are coming at an unnatural rate recently".

Hope, this typhoon avoid SK.

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@YuriOtaniMAY. 11, 2015 - 11:20AM JST Part of the natural cycle to bring water to Okinawa.


So, it is part of the natural cycle Oklahoma getting terrible weather recently? Aren't your state getting publicity of hardship on natualr cycle begging to other states to help your state?

Check data of typhoons history in Japan before you redicule Okinawa.

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El Nino could affect the intensity of the storms and cause tropical cyclone 'birthing' regions to move northwards, thus causing established patterns from decades of data to become less accurate in predicting tracking, El Nino is such a complicated phenomena... but bottom line? More heat in the atmosphere and warmer water temps equals more energy.

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Rain or not this is not good for Okinawa. It was raining on Okinawa earlier the past week without the destruction. Typhoons are destructive, hurt farmers, damage properties, mess up schedules, affects businesses and can be fatal. Yes the kids are happy getting a day off of school, but the schools are required to make up the lost days.

Really SMH at the people thinking this is a good thing.

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