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Typhoon barrels toward flood-hit western Japan


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These people could do with a break. Flooded, then scorched and now a typhoon to look forward to.

What a crappy month.

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currently packing winds of nearly 200 kilometers an hour

This states it's currently 140 K per hour


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It’s gonna sweep across the coast just south of Tokyo around 5-6pm tomorrow. It is quite a small typhoon, but very intense. It’s also moving very fast, which will most likely change after it makes landfall. Hopefully it will dissipate a lot before it gets to Wakayama and the other flood hit regions. Tokyo is gonna cop the brunt of it though.

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Oh, what a welcome in my first week in Japan! Is it going to hit Aichi-Ken?

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Even though there are some rotten apples in Japan, I'm glad there are communities that pull together in times like this to help each other and the country.

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