Typhoon Goni slams into Kyushu, injuring 13


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I'm glad that so far we haven't read about people getting up on their rooftops and being knocked down and injured/killed. Be safe, people! Thanks to the path the typhoon has taken it won't be as damaging some areas, but it's still pretty windy and we'll see a lot of rain.

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A few trees pushed over in Kochi too, plus all the sunflowers at my uni not looking very sunny face down on the muddy road.

Hope other places in Shikoku and Kyushu are OK.

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Wet as an otters pocket here in Kobe.

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Rain started in Miyazaki at 9:30. Told my employees "Shut it down and close up." We all left at 9:45 by 10:30 torrential rain and wind and even with the shutters closed the windows rattled like maracas. Slacked off now quite a bit now but glad we shut down today.

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It's been extremely windy for the last couple of hours here, with some of the gusts knocking over signs and bicycles easily, and the heavy rain just started. And yet, no warning here. When typhoon 11 hit we had warnings for more than 24 hours despite it being sunny half the time. No doubt at the very least a heavy rain warning is going to take effect in the next hour or so. Take care, peeps!

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I am glad that no body killed and hope health and heal for injured people

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We had a rare day of perfectly clear skies up here in Hokkaido.

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And some folks called this a "weak" typhoon. Hmmm....

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