Typhoon No. 10 batters Amami Island, located within the Ryukyu Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture, near Okinawa, on Sunday morning. Photo: Twitter @0318TM via REUTERS

Typhoon unleashes rain, strong winds on southwest Japan

By Stanley White

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Here is a link to a live web cam in south Japan.


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Kochi, heavy rain, not storm force.

Yet throughout the afternoon intensifying in strength, the wind factor also increased.

Neighbors came for Sunday lunch roast (British Pub Style).

Mother and Father too. Mother insisted on unfurling an 80cm umbrella in the compound, Mary Poppins would have been impressed with what followed.

The sky is inky, foreboding, anticipating an atmospheric event, Fathers definition.   

Why do we need a Typhoon to bring communities together?

Maybe we cherish our privacy above our willingness to unite collectively.

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Sunday lunch sounds delightful.

May be mother needed a bit of a lift?

We are all creatures of habit.

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Yes, englisc aspyrgend, I wish we could do this more often. Great Fun under the circumstances.

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On tv, no news about the transition of the leader of the third biggest economy, just about rain and wind. The people effected by this oncoming disaster need support from local and Tokyo govt. but news is just about rain.

i hope local give will look after people in their community.

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I hope it doesn't get too bad

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Good luck to everyone in Kyushu. I hope you are all okay.

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Goodlucktoyou why would the Tokyo Govt need to support the people of kyushu ?

Surely the local and prefectural govts should be pulling their weight and if needed then the National Govt would pick up the slack, but why Tokyo have to share the burden our taxes are high enough.

We all wish them well down in Kyushu good luck I have family there but its not Tokyo's burden. Tokyo has enough of its own burdens to deal with.

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@Bjorn Tomention; We are all brothers and sisters on this small planet and should cheerfully help others in their time of need.


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