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3 dead as powerful typhoon lashes Japan; thousands evacuated

By Mari Yamaguchi

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This year we clearly had a global warming warning and nature attack countries those more consumes CO2 by desertification, twisters, etc.

China, the US, the European Union, India and Russia all produce more CO2 than Japan.

You should be thankful that you are okay.

Indeed. Those left standing, however, often come here just to complain that the storm wasn't as big as predicted, NHK exaggerates etc.

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Good morning, everybody! How are things looking in your parts of the country today?

(I thought I'd find more news here, but it's all, TEPCO, TEPCO, FUKUSHIMA, TEPCO in the national news section, as if the rest of the country doesn't exist...)

Where's the flooding in Iwate? Anyone on the ground in Fukuchiayama? Will they have a need and capacity for outside volunteers?

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Im from Shiga and the typhoon hit here hard. My in-laws had to be evacuated due to a river that was about to flood. Luckily it didn't and everyone is safe. Just because it didn't hit Tokyo hard doesn't mean it wasn't a serious storm.

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It's so "funny" how people mock typhoons around here just because their houses didn't get swept away or because they didn't get swept away by the flooding. You should be thankful that you are okay.

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The emergency alarm woke me up at that early morning in Kyoto. As can be seen from the terrible picture, it is also horrible rain. my sincerest condolences...

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Typhoons are a great excuse to snuggle.

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i hope everyone is alright now.

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I'd be very interested to know how TEPCO could stop the leaked water mixing with rainwater and running off into the ground and ocean. Of course it mixes and runs off. Are people so stupid as to believe this crap? No doubt if they were to take radiation readings around the leaky tanks tomorrow it would be much less than yesterday.

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This year we clearly had a global warming warning and nature attack countries those more consumes CO2 by desertification, twisters, etc.

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Kanagawa here. Pretty windy and the old house near my place blew its bike park roof all over my yard...

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"Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co said the plant released what is believed to be untainted rainwater to the Pacific in order to avoid flooding near the tanks, a step that could violate safety rules, the Nuclear Regulation Authority said."

Well, TEPCO's never followed the rules before, it's not about to start now, especially when it knows it is invincible and will never be punished.

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Morioka is starting to cop the wind and rain pretty good now. I can't open the apartment door due to the wind, and im getting hungry!

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Thank God today is a public holiday, otherwise, people even in the hard hit areas, would have to go to work...

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Finally back at Haneda after a significant flight delay.

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I don't know yet, about total damage estimates...this amount of flooding strikes me as unusual, but I'm hesitant to say that it' unprecedented without statistics.

Wind is still pretty stiff here on Awaji...48kph, seems like more though. Stuff blew off my desk when I opened a window :-D Now a beautiful day here though. I hope the storm goes off to the ocean soon.

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God must be testing Abe's "everything is under control" by sending a typhoon directly to Fukushima.

There is no way Abe has "everything under control"...

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What is the damage estimate of this typhoon compare to others historically? It does look like it hit Kansai much much harder than Tokyo/ Yokohama.

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I've been looking up floods for Kyoto, and I'm getting results indicating floods of 50-70 years ago (of this scale) so it is indeed 'decades'.

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Nothing out of the ordinary may be happening in your backyards but that doesn't mean it isn't happening anywhere. Can any of you nay-sayers tell me when Kyoto flooded like this last?

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Scrote: "The "once in decades" line is trotted out every other day."

I agree with you that it's pretty outrageous, and that calling a tropical storm, or even tropical depression a 'typhoon' is a bit much. But, I've been here quite a while now and I have to tell you that was a once in a decades rain. I've seen heavier rainfalls while here, but not for that duration. I live along the Yodo river in Osaka and went out to check it at peak storm time (from a distance, of course), and I really thought it might overflow -- and it's a BIG river.

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It still isn't a typhoon, only a tropical storm, even using the Japan Meteorological Agency scale. NHK's hysterical sensationalism is getting quite tedious; almost every day they lead with stories about rain and people saying they've "never seen anything like it". The "once in decades" line is trotted out every other day. It's almost as if they are trying to avoid reporting any real news.

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This is definitely a super typhoon! Even though the sun is shining now, the winds have busted, broken and blown everything in and around my neighborhood! Hell knows how much cleaning I'll have to do in my garden tomorrow!

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They're saying that it's 'once in decades' level rain, and 103,000 households in Osaka alone have been evacuated, and Arashiyama in Kyoto is severely flooded. Don't take it too lightly!

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I wish for the safety of every one living here especially for children and senior citizens, be careful and keep alert in case of any emergency

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Wunderground now classifies Man-yi as a tropical storm.

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OK, sitting here in Shinjuku, this is getting to be a bit much. I hope it is turned down a notch.

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Yes, that's a common mistake. Don't worry, easily rectified though. Please go to www.whocaresabouttherestofjapantoday.com

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Hope no one would be injured especially elderly people. Happy "Keiro no hi" Day X(

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Back garden flooded, garden shed roof half gone, window shutter ripped off. And as mentioned above - it's only a tropical storm.

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You would still be able to get around Tokyo alright if it weren't for the trains stopping or being delayed.

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Lost my TV reception, have to check the antena!

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It strengthened to 965hPa from 980, but has picked up speed as well, moving at 45kph. It's a doozy.

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Komaki is also getting hit pretty hard...lost some of my plants today R.I.P nothing too bad but..probably the strongest winds I have seen since moving here.

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no climbing roofs.

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8:25 in Nakano, and it's starting to intensify.

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Just starting in Nakano 7:45

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Just about 6:45 AM and hunkered down here in a hotel in Hamamatsu. Amazing amount of rain with this one...

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I woke up at about 5:30am and had to use the restroom... I heard the sound of sweeping and sure enough, one of my neighbors was out with an umbrella sweeping the street in front of the apartment building.

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At 5am today my house was shaking with gusto! It's strong!!!

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its 2 am, and 1 ojiiichan just woke me up,,,,he is at top of his roof! looking for the winds!!!

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Oh my God...

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my models direct from what the JMA gives to pilots in the region says it will track ENE along a line from Numazu, toward Atsugi/Sagamihara, into Western Tokyo Pref., and Western Saitama pref. Remember though--this is the forecasted center of the storm, and we always wanna watch that northeastern quadrant for the most rain and winds... That means we could get a lot of wind and rain in the highest populated parts of Yokohama and Tokyo depending on track.

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We're getting lashed pretty good here in Osaka with rain as we speak. Just got a landslide warning on my iPhone, as well as a flood warning. Take care, peeps.

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Raymond Chuang

Which sites have you been using? I've been using yahoo and JMA but I can't find a very accurate model of its path.

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From the computer models of the storm I've seen online, it appears Man-Yi will pass just north of Tokyo over Gunma and Tochigi prefectures. The towns of Takasaki, Maebashi, Isesaki and Tochigi could be hit with fairly high winds and a LOT of rain.

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hope it blows through before i fly in on thursday......

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Tomorrow is Respect-for-the-Aged Day in Japan. Have a safe day, better not go out tomorrow.

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Storms come and go in this region. The price for living in such a beautiful part of the world.

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They are talking non-stop on TV about it, but in Tokyo it will be yet another yawn. Some rain, and nothing more.

Maybe, but I still think I'd better go and check on my local river just as the typhoon hits to make sure it's not breaking its banks.

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They are talking non-stop on TV about it, but in Tokyo it will be yet another yawn. Some rain, and nothing more.

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It's a tropical storm, not a typhoon.

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Typical bank holiday weather!

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