Typhoon-hit areas brace for more floods


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Two typhoons on the way - Neoguri and TwentyTwo, according to the Tropic Storm Risk website.

Big trouble for already troubled areas.

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Not again. We used to have mild tropical rains this time of year but now we have typhoons till December at most.

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Is my memory failing me, or are typhoons in mid-October a new thing?

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Pacific typhoons have increased in intensity by 50% in the last 40 years. Warmer seas mean tyhoons can develop later into autumn. They're not a new thing in October, but there are more of them. The big ones always seemed to hit in mid September in my memory.

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May God give the strength for the people of Japan!

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Bad for Olympics.

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Bad for Olympics.

I think it should have blown through by next July

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All we can hope for is that there are no more casualties. Everyone take care!

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Look like it will rain on the emperor parade maybe it an omen to be

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