Typhoon lashes central Japan, killing two


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it never ceases to surprise me the people who think "hey a deadly typhoon is approaching, let's go drive somewhere."

At least he wasn't on his roof like the older ones do

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Dango bong,

It's entirely possible that he was driving to make sure his father & mother were safe.

Perhaps he was bringing emergency supplies to his relatives.

Whatever the reason was, let us respect the dead and pray that their souls rest in peace.

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Living in Japan, we get used to being in typhoons. However, people who live near the river or seas should be careful about it and leave dangerous places early when typhoons. Recently, the Korean government banned banjiha because typhoons made people who lived in banjiha dead. It was a sensible choice.

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"The outage is being prolonged due to landslides, among other factors,"

which is why having an emergency generator, as a homeowner, is a practical solution. (Yes, I have one and have had to use it on occasion).

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It's so crazy that such extreme weather and devastation occurred at the same time the weather was so lovely where I am, not really all that far away.

Nature is just so wild and random. Sure, people can take precautions. But, when it comes down to it, nature is way more powerful than man.

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