Last week's typhoon killed 11,000 farmed tuna in Wakayama


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@ Dan Lewis "How exactly did they die?

TV news said probably scrapes and injuries from being banged against the farm fences led to infections.

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A shame but better tuna than people.

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Time to get used to eating potatoes

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It's going to raise prices, but farmed tuna is not good for us anyway. Wish I could find wild tuna more easily in Tokyo.

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How exactly did they die? Were they washed up ashore? Or are they simply assumed to have died because they "cannot survive" in the wild? -Curious

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They have a better chance in the wild, as they do have some instincts, than in a pen, during a typhoon.

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I hope to god

Which one ?

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Yubaru: They are farmed tuna. They cannot survive in the wild without training just like dolphins if released, or even, dogs, cats, hamsters, and rabbits.

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Rather than swallow their damn stupid pride and release these tuna into the ocean prior to the typhoon, they allowed them to kill themselves.

The owners KNOW they are easily panicked, they KNOW they are sensitive, and there are precedents for this as well.

I hope to god that insurance companies do not pay them anything for their unnecessary losses!

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