Tropical storm moves toward Honshu


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The Japan Meteorological Agency said Noul, the first typhoon of the season to hit Japan, would work its way northwest toward the main island of Honshu on Tuesday night.

Northeast, no? There is no part of Japan that's northwest of Okinawa.

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Thanks for pointing that out.

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Didn't think it would be so strong when it hit, but I guess it's coming at an amazing speed. Take care, peeps!

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This was a very mild typhoon which only lasted about 6 hours here in Itoman (Okinawa). Hardly any rain, mostly a bit of wind. During the typhoon I could see people walking around and at lunch time the sun was shining. No problem.

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It's not a "powerful typhoon" anymore though. In fact, it's not a typhoon at all. It has now been downgraded to a tropical storm and is being referred to as "Tropical Storm Noul:

It might be wet and wild across the country later this evening, but we are not about to be hit by a powerful typhoon.

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Welcome back zichi-san ! I'm sure I'm not the only one to wonder where you have been hiding !

could mean less fruit and veg with higher prices.

The prices are always going to get higher - the Jp. Gov.. likes to line it's pockets with taxes on food and essentials...

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Powerful Typhoon Noul crashed into the southern Japanese island chain of Okinawa on Tuesday, bringing surging waves and howling winds as it headed towards the mainland. Heavy rain and gale-force gusts were lashing a wide swathe of the archipelago, television footage showed, as pedestrians struggled with their umbrellas and scurried for shelter.

Wide swathe? Not in reality, Ishigaki and Miyako got some pretty strong gusts and about 170 mm of rain but Naha got 9mm of rain and the top gust was 24.5.

Crashed? More like bumped.

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The forces of mother nature can not be controlled, nobody has power over it, what we can do is have relief and ad forces ready to deploy to help in the aftermath and rebuilding efforts.

I pray that there are no casualties or fatalities from this storm.

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So too does the unwarranted hysteria from the media. Cheers guys!

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The headline should have been "Wannabe typhoon sashays into Okinawa."

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Was in Ishigaki when it hit at night. Not much of a storm growled for a little bit then gone. Just like the US news media blow things out of proportion. Sorry for the pun.

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We had windy conditions and heavy rain tonight in Shinjuku-Ku. Here on holidays for our 5th visit and appear to be a magnet for Typhoon activity as this has happened to us 4 times in the last 3 years.

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Yep! It's blowing like the dickens in Tokyo now with rain squawls to go with it. (1:30pm)

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