Typhoon slams into Japan; approaches disaster-hit regions

By Martin Bureau

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Slept through it last night as there weren’t any house-shaking-gusts.

Got up this morning went out, and not much debris on the roads either.

Not so bad then, in Kansai.

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Me too in Kansai. A little bit of wind and my flowers watered, but slept through it.

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@Good & Kuris

Thanks for sharing. Maybe by the time it hit's my area. It will have broken up. The down side to that. More gas ball HEAT!!!!!

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I was just checking out the rainfall forecasts on the JMA website.

Fortunately, it looks like the storm is fast moving and the rainfall totals in Shikoku will be somewhat limited. Which hopefully will limit any additional damage in that area.

Kyushu appears to be set to get more rainfall.

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I've never seen a typhoon course from east to west or north to south, it's not normal what the climate change recently results. I have to prepare the heavy rain coming here in Kyushu and see what this storm has brought after it has gone.

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That is one strange typhoon. The route it took (is taking) is something that has not been documented before. Also this thing is moving quite fast.

Hopefully the folks in Chugoku and Kyushu benefit from the speed of this storm.

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Not as much rain as they predicted. Kansai didn't have much trouble with the typhoon.

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Benign comments about a storm and knuckleheads have to down them. Sheesh. Hope all are well in affected areas.

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