Typhoon slams into Japan; 68 injured


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Login to comment safe people...please for heaven's sake take typhoon warnings!!!


n Shizuoka, central Japan, three Chinese people were swept away by high waves triggered by the typhoon on Sunday afternoon as they were fishing on the coast, a local police spokesman said.

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We barely got wet in Fukuoka. Another gutter ball.

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The usual overreaction.

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onagagamo: "The usual overreaction."

Agreed that this one really fizzled out over the last few hours, and yesterday was even sunny in a lot of Japan, but there was good reason to issue the warnings that have been issued and suspend the travel that's been suspended. Would you rather there be a sight full of people complaining that the government didn't do enough, and which details a LOT of people dying because of a lack of warnings?

Stay safe, people. Here in Kansai it's not exactly the "storm of 2014" that was headed our way a couple of days back, but the gusts are pretty strong and could send things flying or knock you off a bicycle easily at the right angle (especially if you're holding an umbrella while riding!).

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Vongfong pretty much disappeared into thin air by now. This typhoon looked promising but was yet another dud.

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"This typhoon looked promising but was yet another dud."

Wow, some people get disappointed when the threat of lives lost or property damaged diminishes, lol.

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This is a big storm in terms of the areas affected and there may be little or no damage where you live. Here in Tokushima it is worse than expected. So just because it may not be bad where you live, doesn't mean that's the case for others.

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"Wow, some people get disappointed when the threat of lives lost or property damaged diminishes, lol. "

Well, unfortunately, it's not everyday that you can tweet or post to your FB about Fukushima or Ontake-zan, building up all those likes from the (to be pitied) safe folks back home.

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I agree, a complete overreaction by the meteorological agencies. Again. It was the same with the previous one. Some of us have to prepare our business and homes for such storms and that takes time and money! This 'storm' amounted to nothing more than a few blasts of wind and some rain, no more than you would get in the UK for example. Looking out my window now in Yamaguchi prefecture, nothing. A breeze.

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Take an umbrella with you if going out.

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Have a look at the photo accompanying the story and you'll see that a typhoon is not nothing.

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It's pretty darned big from where I sit.

Take an umbrella with you if going out.

I can't really recommend that. My friend's dad decided it would be a brilliant idea to take a stroll this afternoon. His umbrella turned inside out and dragged him down a stairwell. He's in hospital now with a broken leg. Some mothers do 'ave 'em!

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Almost here in Osaka, torrential rains since noon, JR stopped running, shops closed. Why did it have to hit on national holiday. anyway don't underestimate this typhoon and stay home.

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Just watching the news showing Umi at Mie-ken. Will definitely not be any surfersriding baby waves there now.

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Some of us have to prepare our business and homes for such storms and that takes time and money!

While others of us...well, prepare our business and homes for such storms, expending time and money. It would be cool if meteorologists were prescient. Just be thankful that you don't live in an age in which a typhoon announced itself by knocking down your house.

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Wakarimasen: "Take an umbrella with you if going out."

If there is any risk of gusts of wind I wouldn't recommend this. If you need to go out and can't get wet, throw on a raincoat. I went to the convenience store an hour or so back with an umbrella and when a gust hit two of the prongs collapsed inward and ripped from the fabric (it's a cheap, plastic job, but still). At a different angle it definitely would have flipped inside out, but I worry more about the kind of thing that happened and that could hit you in the face or stick you somewhere else.

papigiulio: "Why did it have to hit on national holiday."

Well, it's either that, or on a Sunday, it seems. There have been four strong wind warnings in Osaka since July and all four were on Sundays or Mondays IF it was a holiday Monday (one being Obon), then they clear up for work on Tuesday. No one you can complain to, though... just stinks.

All the same, hang low and stay safe.

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I can't understand anyone being disappointed that they were unaffected by this typhoon. It is something to be grateful for. This could have been devastating for a large amount of the population if it had maintained the strength it had last week,

Be thankful.

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I agree, slumdog.

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we're probably, literally going to sleep over it in tokyo since it's apparently coming at night and leaving around dawn. but I tell you, I'm not planning to go out in the next 48 hours (^o^)

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Let's hope that it's long gone from Kanto tomorrow morning, or the trains will be CHAOS.

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9.30 pm on Monday night and it is rocking the house-very strong gusts!

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"Take an umbrella with you if you're going out"

A rainsuit is much better.

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This is definitely just a storm.

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its not even properly raining..last week was harder

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It really is remarkable how many people think if it's not stormy where they are, it must not be stormy anywhere. I suppose these same people cover their eyes and think nobody can them.

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68 people injured and people here are calling the storm "a dud" or "nothing". Serrano's observation was spot-on. Some people apparently aren't happy until someone dies.

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Wow really...? The ignorant attitude here of some people is beyond Vongfong;;

People have died, homes damaged and who knows what else happened. Just because you haven't seen anything bad, does not make this storm a 'dud'. I mean what? Like seriously? WHAT? Another point lost for faith in humanity, now standing at -196.

I'm living in Chiba, where it's not as bad. It's been raining in and out all day, strong winds; enough to blow my curtains even when the windows are closed.

I consider myself lucky that I didn't get the short end of the stick.

What some of you are saying is like saying... 'The earthquake barely shook where I live, what a dud' - Whereas in other areas people have died or have been injured.

Also umbrella's are pretty much the worst thing to take with you during a typhoon, as it actually kills people rather than protecting you from rain.

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It's the windiest typhoon I have experienced and it's still blowing very hard now in Kanagawa.

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Alex Einz, yeah man, I agree.

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It's actually windier now than at any time the typhoon was actually here.

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