Weakened typhoon leaves 2 dead as it churns past Okinawa


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From morning phone is ringing with flood alerts. Its raining like it will never stop (with occasional thundering). Cosmetic damages to my car. Toll road is close and road is packed with morning traffic. Cars at speed of 3m/min. Luckily only 2 fatalities so far. Typhoon is still strong and moving toward Kyushu. gambare!

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We spoke to my relatives in Kansai last night. They said there is absolutely nothing, at all, like a typhoon in kansai area. Its not even raining.

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It hasn't got here yet, not due till Friday. The humidity is hellish, though.

I am puttering around and wasn't fully listening, so I don't know where, but they were just saying about somewhere (Kyushu?) 'the most rain ever recorded since record keeping of rainfall was begun (in Japan)'. Oi...

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Quote: "The Japan Meteorological Agency was forecasting that parts of Shikoku could receive the equivalent of three months of the normal amount of rainfall in just two days as the storm passes, if it remains on its current trajectory."

This has to be potentially good news for Shikoku.

The Same-ura Dam has been dropping fast and water rationing of around 20% was just introduced three days ago. Things were starting to look bad.

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Where is YongYang to warn us of the impending Apocalypse? Hope everybody safe down South / West.

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It still hasn't reached Fukuoka yet. Some reports suggest that it will cut down across Kumamoto.

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This has to be potentially good news for Shikoku. Not in the least. The ground won't be able to deal with it which means floods, landslides, fast moving rivers and plenty of damage - be it crops, homes, roads...

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2 = 2k is dead

Kadina is over i think,41.10,759

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My inlaws are flying out of Fukuoka today. How is the situation there now?

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My inlaws are flying out of Fukuoka today. How is the situation there now?

I don't want to lie but if they don't call the JSDF , they are already over , but did you watch out from the cable and hide in a good shelter and beware of the electric switches

Good luck and condolences for dead many people

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I'm living in Miyazaki City, at the moment strong rain and wind. Schools are closed for 2 days and no trains will run tomorrow. Guess stores, shops and offices will follow. Typhoon expected here from midnight until tomorrow late afternoon.

Got me and my family locked in with enough food and drinks for the next 48 hours :)...

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@Rolf Schlumpf You state that you live in Miyazaki City yet your other comments you state that you live in Europe so which is it?

With God's help all will get through this typhoon.

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Ok, seriously what is with this guy saying that people are dead and what does that even have to do with the JSDF??

Anyways, I live in Fukuoka. As of July 10 5:11 am it's not really raining and it's not windy at all from what I can see from my window. As far as flights go I heard that they were grounding flights from Fukuoka today as a safety precaution. Public schools are canceled today but most people still have work. I most definitely still have work.

Hope this helps.

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