U.N. humanitarian affairs chief, in Tokyo, calls for aid revamp


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I thought the IMF was in charge of this?

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Why not get these crisises sorted out. The same old stories, most of the conflits caused by the religion of peace.....Islam. Get the wealthy Muslim countries to dig deeper in their pockets, instead of wasting billions on their princes.

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Africa shoukdnt be given a single cent. The more we helpmthe worse they get

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"growing number of conflicts"

Whose fault is this?

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The problem is that people are just jaded now. I was one of the many in the 80s that rushed out and bought Band Aid, that enthusiastically contributed to and watched Live Aid, that joined in with a huge smile to Comic Relief every year (this is all UK stuff but I would imagine similar thing exist in other countries) and rang up Children In Need to pledge, trawled along behind my mother embarrassed while she insisted on doing christian aid collection in the local neighborhood, I even sponsored a child in Nepal for a number of years.

20 years on and what has changed? Absolutely nothing. Those countries are still just as poor as ever, malnutrition, starvation, war are still as endemic as they ever were, and whats more, it is now spilling into new areas while our own countries get poorer themselves.

So you tell us UN - after all our efforts, what IS the answer?

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All to often the monies sent are not received and utilized for the targeted intentions and some dictator or general became wealthier. Meanwhile the ones in need remain in need.

Throwing money is not the answer.

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No Sale,Madam!- America as well as Japan just Cannot dig any deeper ! Try Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or the Oil rich nations of the world," you can't save every puppy in the pound" is what my folks say

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I'd got better idea. UN stops to participate in wars and save money. Then stop telling Japan to be gypped to give money to somewhere else than Japanese Northern prefectures where many people live in temp shelters. Abe has been promoting industrial growth in Africa, etc. That is enough and better than cheated by government of these countries. No hand out as Japan has own problem. Why these UN officials are targeting Japan only? Comfort woman payment, misogyny, equal employment, they may think they are helping Japan but they sound busybody. Treating Japanese do not have own mind.

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