U.S. backs Japan's stance on N Korean rocket


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Do it anyway.

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To be honest, it might be a good idea for the US and Japan to publicly keep quiet about it's intentions. Publicly voicing what it would do might just entice North Korea to actually do it. I am just saying.

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Unlike Iran, the state department or pentagon shall never says:'All options were avialable on table!'

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Let's just do it anyway. Be a good test for our defence system.

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Remember a few months ago when some space junk was headed for the earth and nobody knew where it was going to land.

Why didn't they threaten to shoot that down.

What all the huffing and puffing now?

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US comment is interesting but to make it more interesting NK should postpone Rocket Launch at the last minute :)

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Hey the U.S.A. says it's OK for Japan to down the NK rocket!

That's a relief!

Now brave Japan can endure the criticisms of the world!

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Shoot a patriot at the same time they shoot their missile, but call them up and say hey guys, it is off course and heading to your capital. Byebye

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Bomb the rocket on the launch pad and show the fat one how serious you are instead of posturing like a prat.

all this school yard tough talk means nothing and is likely to ensure the fat one does actually launch his sky rocket, say nothing and then as nike would say - Just Do It.

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Find the gps coordinates for the launch pad!

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Just think, N. Korea is turning down food, which they need, so they can play with their toy. Now that is leadership!

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LL coords id the Tongchang-ri missile launch site.

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When the moment comes, there will be two people in a conversation; the person with his/her finger on the button will have to hear Noda's voice authorizing launch. Nobody would be foolish enough to pre-approve a launch, authorize a general to make a decision, and then go to the onsen. After President Obama authorized the attack, he watched the raid on bin-Laden's residence. Noda will NOT give the hai-sign, and NK will has checkmate.

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Either destroy it on the ground or let it go. Failure to shoot it down despite attempting would be a massive political debacle.

But on the other hand, such a failure would expose all that wasted money and maybe we could stop the fund hemoragging there?

What I don't get is the apparent panic. The plan is to shoot it where its almost all ocean, and it will probably be well above Japanese airspace by the time it gets that far. Damn the fear! The point is that NK made a deal and is breaking it. That is all that needs to be said. But guess what? Politicians of both NK and Japan love the fear. To them, it smells like job security. Bastards.

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Yes, an excellent strategy. Destroy it on the ground or let it go.

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