U.S. energy chief offers Japan aid with Fukushima cleanup


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“We are working as fast as we can but hopefully LNG will flow to Japan within the next few years,” he said.

Yeah... That was pretty lame.

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Yeah, nuclear energy is clean and safe Moniz-San, except for the tons of highly radioactive waste it generates and one mistake is gonna cost billions of dollars and thirty years to clean up. Other than that it's fine, right? Fools!

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Considering the on-going pollution at Hanford, Savannah RIver, Vermont Yankee NPP, Lawrence Livermore Lab, and other places in the USA, maybe Japan should look elsewhere for 'clean-up' expertise.

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We humans started digging holes a long time ago for our human waste. The whole nuclear industry is constipated with no "hole" to put their nuclear waste. Yet they keep eating. Wouldn't want to be around when it blows......oh wait

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Great! Tepco needs all the help they can get.....hopefully with no strings attached.

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@Disillusioned: You called it! The idea that nuclear power is "clean", is complete idiocy! You stated the reality quite succinctly! The "quick-fix" mentality, laziness, misinformation, and naked greed of the power industry is disgusting!

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