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U.S., Japan discussing missile-defense ship upgrades


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Ah, yes, what is their to discuss?? $$$$ will be made, and both the corruption in Japan and the USA will be slapping each other's backs?? And scum like Ozawa and the Ozawas of America, Bush, Cheney etc...will be laughing their asses all the way to the BANK!

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No, no, Amigo Mexicano.

We need to defend Japan against a deadly missile attack from North Korea!

Out of the kindness of their hearts, thinking nothing of profit, our American cousins will sell us the protection we need!

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If Japan do not upgrade the Aegis and other defense systems, surly China will come to claim the Okinawa Islands. Later more parts of Japan. It is a must that Japan and Korea should work together with US to save each nations and this International sea in Asia.

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This is a very good news. Especially when their past enemy is being threatening. I really hope someone will bomb China soon. They're being annoying these past few years. They've been entering in any countries sees, taking everything they can take.. Greatest theif in Asia.... IF we are going back to history, i'd rather support Japan colonizing China. >.<

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Let's see, with Korea, China, AND Russia being belligerent towards Japan, Japan has every right to upgrade it's defenses and shake the stick back at the locals are are feeling their oats and becoming quite tiresome.

Problem: The Russian Bear is back, simply Fascist this time around instead of hardcore Socialist. China is in a bit of a pickle as it's economy tanks and it's people are getting tired of the CCP. Korea is simply going on on another spat, but the countries in the area hold grudges like few others.

it won't take much to light off something in the area. cooler heads are needed

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Japan needs the illusion of a missile umbrella so that they can start shooting their own weapons of mass destruction into superior economic powers.

Americans must make clear that these right-wing facists have no place in the Pacific politics because they are mentally unstable lot, according to pretty much everybody. Japanese diplomat corps must be forced to do their jobs without the possibility of resorting to mindless destruction of innocents, just like peace-loving countries are doing already.

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@BertieWoosterAug. 16, 2012 - 05:23PM JST

Out of the kindness of their hearts, thinking nothing of profit, our American cousins will sell us the protection we need!

Actually this is a joint development with Japan, with Japan handling the on board targeting and final stage propulsion system.

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Our American cousins thinking nothing about profits $$$?? That is kind of like saying our Chinese cousins too will forget about profits $$$$$$$$$??? Not likely to happen amigo Bertie, IMHO.

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Making speculations is easy... knowing the fact is essential in this case. The US defence contracts that Japan's Ministry of Defence signed this year had the renewal of their missile defense system written in there. Of course we are knowing about it now just to make things known at this time of heightened tensions. It just brings false hope and security. If any country were to attack Japan with any WMD the US will assist with a counterattack. This is not by any means what the US wants but if it came to that, the country in question would pay its dues. That's for sure.

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Giving Japan's Aegis ships the ability to target ballistic missiles is a no-brainer. The technology is there and it's a purely defensive upgrade, so it dovetails nicely into Japan's mission statement for their MSDF.

Whether Japan decides to buy the upgrade is up to JAPAN, not the U.S. North Korea, however, is making the decision to say, "No" harder each month.

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Wow.... money, money money... business, business, business. It's all business for USA. We all know USA number one business is war and armaments. More war threats, more invasion threats the better for USA business. Some of the postings here are correct. Look at their latest plane being sold to Japan. Even USA cannot assure the safety of that plane. So many crashes. Right it is Japan's call to buy those things from USA.

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By the way some people are commenting on this, you would think that Japan was spending incredible sums on its national defense, as opposed to ~1% of GDP.

This upgrade makes overwhelming sense. What would be the point have having Aegis equipped ships if you're not going to upgrade them to the latest versions? Spend money on joint development of the SM-3 Block IIA if you're not going to use it for your own navy?

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