U.S., Japan museums united on Missouri, Yamato battleships


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I will never understand the Japanese obsession with the Yamato. That ship did precisely nothing in its service time except take a lot of damage before sinking. They built that massive battleship to win battles, and then demurred to use her in battle. And then they finally send her on a suicide mission and that was thwarted utterly.

Romancing a loser is a sure way to become a loser.

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The obsession is partly as a result of the same "Yamato". The Japanese government has embodied the WW2 spirit of the Japanese people in that ship

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Yamato was seen as a last hope, so of course it has emotional resonance to Japan... which is why it is always portrayed in such a way... even in anime. Heroic failure is something that quite a few countries admire... give it a go and if you fail, at least you tried.

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I guess when you build something that big and that expensive..... And you can't afford to loose it..... Then it's not really useful militarily. I sometimes wonder about the B2 and F22. Sooo expensive to loose one also means maybe the lose of the technology too.

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