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U.S., Japan to conduct joint military drill for island defense


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The purpose of it is what the military calls "joint and bilateral interoperability." It means that the Americans can integrate well with their Japanese counterparts, and that different branches of the U.S.military can integrate well with each other.The ability to work together is especially important, considering the short tours of single U.S. troops in Japan. One of the key benefits of the exercise is the opportunity for pilots to compete against dissimilar aircraft. The United States holds a similar annual exercise, called Foal Eagle, with South Korean troops.

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Japan need to boost their non-military Coast Guard as well. It is important to note that economic theft from Japanese waters needs to be addressed. The Chinese fishing fleet are plundering the coral from areas around the Ogasawara Islands. There is no Japanese Coast Guard vessels or aircraft patrolling around these remote islands. The same can be said of Marcus Islands. The Chinese fishing fleet is taking advantage of this gap and plundering the marine resources while the Japanese Coast Guard is tied up in the contested Sankaku islands.

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Time for a new advertising agency...

You do know that these operations are named using a random name generator using the format (adjective) (noun), right? The names are intentionally chosen to not reveal specifics about the operation they get assigned to.

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What can I say? The Chinese government is a hate filled hypocrite. I vote yea for a colossal Japanese military build up!

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