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U.S. Marine pilot dead after fighter crash


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Rest in Peace. Bless your family and friends. Thanks for protecting Japan and US interests in the this region.

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Thought China made poor quality plane, US quality are the best and most expensive.....or ?

RIP and God Bless.

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RIP and condolences to the family. The body was found so at least he can have a proper funeral.

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Captain Jake Frederick., heres some one with a lot of flying experience, for some thing like this accident to happen, it must have been a catastrophic failure, I hope they find out what happened. I hope they give him a full military honour funeral. RIP sir!.

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Thought China made poor quality plane, US quality are the best and most expensive.....or ?

What kind of an idiotic comment is that?

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Rest In Peace Bravo!!

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I work in Kanagawa, and often hear the sound of the F-18s flying out of Atsugi NAS, the sound of freedom!

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the sound of freedom!

First of all, RIP and condolences to this pilot's family.

Let's not forget the price of that freedom. Interpret that as you like.

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Being enlisted in the army comes with the risks, common sense. Now we got to get americans out of Japan to... to protect themselves now? There must be a way to save them all!

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First off, for the commenters displaying ingnorance, the F/A-18 has been in service since the 70s. The current aircraft in service are 1000's of hours beyond service life and parts are in short order for the old workhorse. It was supposed to be replaced by the JSF in 2006 but we all know what happened there.

This pilot was neither a soldier or enlisted. He was a Marine Officer commissioned into service.

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