U.S. Marines send F-35 stealth fighter squadron to Japan


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Bring back the A-10!

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theFu: Bring back the A-10!

Tell the Donald! Maybe he can make it happen!

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The Marines’ version of the plane, known as the F-35B, is capable of conducting short takeoffs and vertical landings.

H'm ... The so-called "helipads" they've constructed are not only for Ospreys but also for Harrier Jump Jets. Enter F-35B's with V/STOL capability. Certainly, Okinawa's burden of hosting the bulk of U.S. bases won't be reduced at all by the return of the 4,000 ha land of the Northern Training Area, as ballihooed.

One cannot measure the burdens the area residents feel simply in terms of the number and areas of bases. Variables such as air and noise pollution but also destruction of nature, culture and economy must all be taken into consideration. If these second factors multiply in the face of the first, what's the meaning of "the reduction of Okinawa's burdens" Tokyo and Washington tout and promote in so high-profile a fashion?

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I like shiny jets.

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Kids like war games and war toys. I don't blame you for liking shiny jets, but this is nothing different from kids' liking of war games and war toys.

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How did anyone know that the stealth planes went to Iwakuni?

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How did anyone know that the stealth planes went to Iwakuni?

The answer is in the second pragraph of the article, that says:

The planes’ deployment to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni on Honshu Island marks a major milestone for the F-35, which has been bedeviled by technical glitches and soaring cost overruns.

Today's Ryukyu Shimpo reports on the U.S. Marine Corps announcement dated Jan. 10 that 10 F35B's to be deployed at Iwakuni have left a base in Arizona, adding they will arrive at Iwakuni in several days.

The article also reports that the Marines are planning exercises by Iwakuni-based F35B's in Okinawa, so that hangers for them have been built at Kadena Air Base and V/STOL facilities have been completed at Ie Jima Auxiliary Airfield.

Okinawa's burden of hosting the bulk of the US. military presence in Japan will multiply, no doubt.

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Look over your head, that's a joke flying over it.

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overall program costs have been projected to rise to as much as $1.5 trillion.

Yikes! Meanwhile, the US has 3rd world infrastructure, secondary education, healthcare, etc.

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Who cares, Remember this is a Joint Strike Force Jet that also Japan will use and was designed by multiple countries including Japan. Keeping the old and ignoring new technology is like going to war with rubber bands against high tech

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