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U.S. eyes greater missile defense cooperation by Japan, S Korea


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Forget about the missiles, the US and "defense" (ha!). What is needed is more cooperation between Japan and its neighbours.

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The US is thinking of military equipment sales. Create demand then supply it.

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The US didn't create the recent tension between Japan and China. You guys did that when Ishihara tried to nationalize some disputed islands by purchasing them in a vastly controversial way. You could've left it alone and muddle the way through at lease a couple of more decades of peace and prosperity. But noooo, you people can't stand the Chinese from rising up and had to take up your useless pride.

So don't blame us when you need more "hardware" to protect yourself. We already stationed a sizable military force in Japan. Even though you people didn't show much appreciation of those military bases aimed at protecting your behind, we are still fulfilling our commitment to you.

So don't complain about ANYTHING regarding to you having to purchase supplies and weapons to defend your own country. Or would you rather do it on your own? You got no friends in Asia or the pacific other that us. You can't afford to do anything otherwise because no one listens to you or care about what you have to say or do. That's a fact, look it up.

So if we ask you to buy become part of our missile defense system, you should say thank you for you consideration and we will gladly oblige. And we all will happily go our merry way. There is no free lunch in the world.

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That US wanted peace in Asia, it would try to prevent anti-Japan sentiment and propaganda in South Korea, because that country is the most hateful toward Japan, and as long that kind of doing exist in South Korea, there will never be alliance between South Korea and Japan ,and alliance can only exist on paper, but in reality, I dont see in near future the possibility of true alliance .

For the China , they are different , they want to expand it self in Asia , and actually , their hatred towards Japan is much smaller than the one in South Korea . Majority of hate comes because of political reasons , while Koreans are hating Japan emotionally, their goal is to much greater than any kind of territory , their goal is spreading hate in the world toward Japan , and to trash as much it can Japan , in any way, politically, culturally, and economically . South Korea is actually the biggest threat for Japan in any way possible , except in military way , while the neighbor North Korea represent the therorist threat for Japan ( and they proved with abduction of Japan citizens , I just cant understand how still Japan let Koreans in Japan to learn from North Korean schoolbooks ? Probably because they are less evil than South Korean schoolbooks ? )

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Oh Masters of the Arms Industry, the good ol USA. We bought your Ospreys after you antagonized Okinawa with it and got the Japanese government's attention. Now you want us to buy your missles...where does all this stop?

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I think SOUTH KOREA is becoming more and more arrogant like the Commie Chinese regime. JAPAN is different now as it was in WWII.

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Japan needs to defend itself, now more than ever. If not American missile's then what? America is shrinking back it's military, and moving on to drone's and drone warfare. Maybe Japan can make their own missile defense system...

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South Korea and USA think Japan will help S. Korea no matter how often S Korea insults Japan.

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A top U.S. military official on Wednesday called for better missile defense cooperation between Japan and South Korea, in the face of strained ties between Americas two closest Asia allies and a belligerent North Korea.

Best way to ensure that Communist China keeps it's paws off of more territory is to ensure nations can defend themselves against that paper tiger.

highball7May. 29, 2014 - 08:50PM JST The US didn't create the recent tension between Japan and China. You guys did that when Ishihara tried to nationalize some disputed islands by purchasing them in a vastly controversial way.

As usual the Communist sympathizers are blaming the victims of Communist China's acts of aggression.

Japan and it's peaceful neighbors haven't brought anything on themselves, Communist China has. Communist China has made the Asia a less secure place. With every new act of aggression they are forcing their neighbors to drop diplomacy and pick-up weapons to defend themselves. Communist China will have itself to blame for what comes next.

Let me guess, you think that every nation that is being invaded by Communist China should just sit by and allow Communist China to take what it wants?

If someone came into your yard and started taking your lawn, sprinkler system, dirt, car and house brinks would you just sit there smile and allow them to take it or would you try and defend what is yours?

Then why should Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia etc etc etc etc sit there and allow Communist China to take their territories without a complaint or without trying to defend it?

I suspects that you will try and dance around this simple question like you always do.

Defenders of Communist China's aggressive acts always do a two-step when cornered by a question they don't want to answer.

The next great war will be a product of with a "Made in China" logo on it!

BertieWoosterMay. 29, 2014 - 05:05PM JST Forget about the missiles, the US and "defense" (ha!). What is needed is more cooperation between Japan and its neighbours.

Where have you been?

Communist China has been waging a passive aggressive war with it's neighbors for a while now. It starts by slowly moving it's fleet of fishing vessels. Then it moves in it's Coast Guard and Navy vessels to "protect" it's fishing fleet. Then come the oil rigs and more ships.

You may call it an act of friendship, but most if not all of the world would see this as an act of war.

Communist China claiming 90% of the South China Sea isn't an act of a friendly neighbor, it's an act of aggression.

StormRMay. 29, 2014 - 05:52PM JST The US is thinking of military equipment sales. Create demand then supply it.

The US hasn't created this market Communist China's acts of war have.

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Yesterday, a student of mine, an engineer, told me that in 100 years the Japanese population will be around 40 million. I know he wouldn't bullshit me, and he's going by the government studies. I was shocked!

If these studies are accurate, then Japan is gonna need nukes sooner or later in order to defend itself. Better to do it now, IMO while China is bullying the little guys and the US is still based here.

I know this is gonna ruffle the feathers of the pacifists, but if that 40 million is even close, wouldn't nukes be better than turning Japan into Neo-Sparta nation?

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South Korea owes its very existence, in part to Japan's role as a support and supply hub for U.S. service members, warships and combat aircraft during the Korean War. But like nearby China, South Korea is extremely sensitive to any militaristic moves by Japan. Defense is a sensitive issue in Japan, which is still haunted by militarist policies before and during World War II. The pacifist movement is a powerful lobby, and the slightest sign of heightened military might draws nervous protest from Asian neighbors.

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I am still waiting for the U.S. and Japan to take responsibility for creating this monster called China. They were very eager to give them technology, build factories and give them our jobs which allowed them to become the 2nd largest economy in the world which in turn allowed them to build up their military and be in the position they are in today. Now we are told that we have to spend our tax money on defense systems to protect us from the monster that our own governments created.

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I don't get the connexion between population and the need for nukes.

Finland has only five million people, but I don't hear any calls for atom bombs in Helsinki....

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I totally agree with Joebiggs.

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Fair enough Luca,

I was considering that china will probably be the world power by then, and also that japan will be unable to match their military growth.

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I personally don't ever see the U.S. allowing China to become the No. 1 country in the world. Chins has a lot of land with different ethnic groups and religions that they must control. The chance of political unrest turning into revolution is there especially as the gap between the haves and the have nots widens. There is a chance that China could go the way of the U.S.S.R through internal conflict helped along by outside forces of course.

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China cheats its way to No. 2 but it's true that the greedy Americans made China rich and powerful as it is today. I could never find non-Made in China toys in local stores. All the toys from big name companies are all Made in China. I have to go search and order online to get something "Made in the USA". It's such an irony that I have to go lengths to get goods made in the same country.

As for S. Korea, I don't find this country a reliable ally. It belongs to the same axis as China as it hates the US and Japan. The Japanese should know. In their dramas, the bad guys are always Japanese and Americans.

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For Chinese DF-21D the missile defense sites is a easy target than moving aircraft carrier, isn't it?

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The modern industrial 1st world nations have been printing prosperity, for decades. Who disagrees!

This can't go on forever, can it? Sooner or later there's gonna be an "adjustment", and that's putting lightly.

China will become the world power by default. IMO

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It will never happen. South Korea was as arrogant as the Chinese. They have the same mentality.

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I cannot foretell the future but it's Russia's turn to become the superpower. Now that being said, arrogance will most likely prevail and we will all be irradiated at some point. Bunch of children playing with dynamite! IMHO

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