U.S. to help Japan investigate Dreamliner battery smoke


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The NTSB said it was sending aircraft systems investigator Mike Bauer to Japan

He's got 24 hours

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The Dreamliner Lemon? The Lemonliner?

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Ever since I was just a wee lad, back in old Mexico, I have always LOVED airplanes but this BS of problems left and right with the Boeing 787 is just getting plain ridiculous!

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Elbuda Mexicano! I have worked for Boeing for 22.5 years and now what they are doing is they are skimming mad scientist technical skills for young college engineers for pennies on the dollar!! Lets say you have a Engineer who is a level 6 well that guy is making at least 6 figures or more, so what Boeing did was got rid of the level 5 and 6 Engineers and now they are bringing in Level 1 engineers with lots of college but no technical skills!! Boeing is only about their shareholders interest, the planes now are not worth it, especially if people only knew what it takes to get parts, before you could just get them from the shop but now its over 250 suppliers its plain ridiculous as you put it, so when it comes to investigating the problem look at what you have to dig through to get to the source 25o suppliers.

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I do not believe that Japan Needs this "help" from US, since thez haveown highly skilled professionals. The only reason for sending a NTSB guy to Japan is, to make sure that the findings are played down and not published without agreement of NTSB, in order to avoid another grounding of the B787 fleet and PR.distaster including hundreds of mllion USD damage for Boeing and the US aviation industry.

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