U.N. body calls on Japan to improve protection of press freedoms


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They'll ignore it... probably claim they're curbing the press for scientific reasons.

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the recommendation called on the country to amend Article 4 of the broadcasting law that gives the government authority to suspend broadcasting licenses of TV stations not considered "politically fair."

Most countries control what goes out over the public airwaves since the airwaves belong to the taxpayers and not the broadcasters. The obvious solution would be to devolve this responsibility to some independent commission like the UK does with 'Ofcom' or the US FCC, but how independent would a similar commission be in Japan? How independent is anything in Japan? It would probably just be a waste of money without any real increase in press freedom.

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Tokyo was urged to apologize and pay compensation to "comfort women" forced to work in Japan's World War II military brothels.

Um.. this already happened morons

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On the issue of "comfort women," raised at the request of South Korea and China

Many of the member states of UN are already on the payroll of china. Either directly or indirectly. Naturally, they'd do the bidding of their paymasters.

Why doesn't UN say anything about the rape of Tibetian nuns and girl nuns by chinese soldiers?

And it's ironical that they'd go after press freedom in Japan when it has more freedom than chinese press. Book publishers and newspaper editors from Hong Kong were abducted and tortured by china and forced to make embarrassing apologies on national media before they were allowed to go back to their families. Why doesn't the UN say anything about that?

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China has a veto vote Japan no. But the were a lot more countries involved in this then those on this payroll idea.

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The same Japan that has tried to hide the video of Abe flopping in the sandbank at the golf course? The same one that created the secrets law to curb freedoms?

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Some posters seem to believe that Japan has somehow been "isolated" and directly attacked over this.

And some posters have even fallen back onto the old, "But what about the Chinese et al".

Please read and research yourselves with a little more intent and thoroughness.

"...The examination is conducted on all 193 members of the United Nations in periodic cycles of a few years. The latest review was the third for Japan..."

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Tokyo was urged to apologize and pay compensation to "comfort women" forced to work in Japan's World War II military brothels.

Japan did exactly that in 2015. What is the UN playing at? Japan paid exactly the amount south Korea asked for. The UN is unless!!

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Sure, under the latest Security revision, anyone saying anything bad against Japan can be ... eliminated, and that will leave the rest of the press "free" to do/say what they think.

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Baha, ahhhhhhhaha, ahaaaaaaaahaha!

Freedom of press in Japan?

This is the country that voluntarily stops reporting serious scandals about the PM during elections to "Prevent influencing election results".

Yeah, right.

When Japan gets with the rest of the world in getting news from the internet, maybe then we'll have honest reporting.

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Send the memo to Russia, NK, Uganda, and a hundred other countries. Japan and the USA need to stop payments to the UN and just say that the countries cannot afford the payment because they are busy helping FREE SPEECH countries.

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