U.N. expert says Japan should do more for Fukushima evacuees

By Mari Yamaguchi

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buuaToday  06:01 pm JST

I'm afraid the Japanese government will either ignore this or say that there's a misunderstanding. They don't want to be told anything by non-Japanese.

How is this a UN Human Rights issue? Seems like a domestic Japanese political issue. And even if it were, with the mountain of real human rights issues going on all over the world that could use some addressing, they pick this?

If the UN wants to make recommendations to the J-govt on what to do and what to spend it on, fine. Japan should do it. And just deduct that portion from their absurdly high contributions to the UN.

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Japan has ignored and bumbled and lied about this situation ever since I was in it.

first only 30 km circular radius of damage.

proven wrong to 85km and farther it took making a movie and involving Yoko Ono and other environmental groups to actually compensate and move people. But national denial was still there. They just keep pretending like this, the power plant, the water discharges aren’t a problem.

This was the moment I realized Japan was not as organized as it pretends. It lives in a culture of denial and pretend. It’s cold the wha people were treated during the tsunami and nuclear disaster.

We rescued a lady from her car and she was refused shelter because “it was the wrong zone” because of Japanese square box thinking unable to think outside the lines. The last eventually found housing, months later.

Anybody defending their job during this disaster either has no clue or no soul.

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The current state of Futaba is the gauge of decontamination / organizational efficiency of the J-Inc/Govt.

That 11.5 years after the event, it resembles a dystopian movie scene says a lot.

The minimal scrub & gloss-over has been primarily for PR.

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While I fully agree with the concerns of this expert which need to be addressed by the J-gov, one has to ask whether this is really the best use of UN money and resources, when there is an immediate risk of widespread famine and even nuclear war.

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A United Nations human rights expert urged Japan's government on Friday to provide evacuees from the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster with more support, including housing, jobs and other needs, regardless of whether they fled forcibly or not.

This is getting figured out now?

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I hope the ex-Fukushima residents are not having to pay Land Tax on their former residences that remain uninhabitable.... are they ?

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