U.N. experts urge Japan not to rush discharge of radioactive water


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Everybody knows that highly radioactive water should be discharged slowly, not in a rush...

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Is it just me, or does everything the government here do seem frustrating, it's like they operate in a permanently frustrating, pathetic manner on every issue?

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The local government experts are all for it. Getting kick backs that is.

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They just don't understand the Japanese official logic: that's why the sea is there so that contaminated wastewater can be cheaply dumped offshore from the conveniently located nuclear plant. It's a no-brainer, desu ne?

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Everybody knows that highly radioactive water should be discharged slowly

Everybody knows that highly radioactive water must not be discharged at all.

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It is a worldwide crime to release iodising radionuclides into the sea. Abe and TEPCO should be in The Hauge.

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@Samit Basu

"Everybody knows that highly radioactive water must not be discharged at all."

Pretty sure that was the joke, though.

Is anyone really surprised at this point? Hasn't this been the plan the entire time? They're almost a decade into this and the main strategy is still to dump all of it into the ocean.

When other countries monitoring this situation see a spike in radiation levels regarding Pacific Ocean seawater, there's going to be hell to pay.

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All operative nuclear power plants use and discharge (sufficiently diluted) water on nearby seas or rivers. The IAEA, another UN expert body has officially supported Japan's discharge plan.

The storage water landside also holds contamination risk. It has for long prevented dismantling operations for the sake of restoring local life (also having something to do with human rights issue, no?). Cannot push back schedule for nothing. Let's be reasonable.

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I have had long chats with Japanese nationals over this issue. It stuns me how they manipulate logic to their advantage with statistics and numbers to try to create a new science by Japan, Inc. No matter what they say, I believe that placing pollutants in the oceans is a bad thing. Not a good thing. Also, why did it take the Japanese Government this long to come up with this plan? Its like they did not even try to come up with a plan that makes any sense at all. Shoot the freakin stuff into space. Cement the stuff underground. Ask other Governments for help. I can go on and on. But the Japanese Government after years and years of thought, think just dumping it into the oceans far from Japan is the best solution? Say it with me, NO!

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until consultations are made with affected communities and neighboring countries.

Nonsense! This is NOT about “neighbouring countries” and “affected communities”. This concerns the entire world. All living beings. Japan has no right to poison my home!!!!! Where are the sanctions???!!! Where are the threats???!!!

The experts are imploring the government to delay its decision on releasing the radioactive water until after the coronavirus pandemic has been contained, so proper attention can be dedicated to the issue.

Japan knows this is bad, they’re trying to get rid of their mess while no one is looking! Somebody do something!!

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The IAEA, another UN expert body has officially supported Japan's discharge plan.

Are you sure they supported the plan to release unproperly filtrated water accumulated over the course of around 10 years that they will consider to refiltrate before releasing in the course of 1 year or something like that in a limited area ?

Or perhaps the plan changed because in the last news I read about that that was the plan.

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The experts are imploring the government to delay its decision on releasing the radioactive water 

Sorry, experts, the decision was made in a smoky back room several years ago. They're just waiting for a moment when people will be preoccupied with something else, so the can get away with it unnoticed.

Tick tock - oh quick - look over there (flush).

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News on early April

IAEA supports discharge of treated water at Daiichi

Technical details may further be modified, but I'm supportive of, consistent with the basic course of action (dilute to discharge) which I find reasonable and science-based. Otherwise, with zero contamination risk being sought, all active nuclear power plants around the world would have to be suspended. Water discharge is a quite normal operation.

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obviously, my first post was slightly sarcastic....

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You should read the article you linked and take in account the author (which is an organism promoting nuclear energy). According, to the article : the committee say the plan (release in ocean or evaporation) were “technically feasible.”.

And that "The safe and effective implementation of the disposition of ALPS-treated water is a unique and complex case,” and “Solutions are available. They will require sustained attention, safety reviews, regulatory supervision, a comprehensive monitoring program supported by a robust communication plan, and proper engagement with all stakeholders.”

So I do not see "support" in it.

The question remain the same :

will Japan treat the water properly (previous article clearly stated that it was not the case and that they will consider retreating it)

how will the disposal be made (timeline, area, ...)

The current address is clearly on part with the recommendation : do not rush, consult other.

And, regarding the : "but every nuclear plant around the world release water in the see ocean". You understand that the amount is not the same and the rules are strict ? And some people are against nuclear partly/totally for the waste generated, so you are just digging your own hole ?

And about polluted water going to the ocean : did Tepco manage to stop the leak ? I did not heard of it recently.

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That's a bit late there UN. Where've you been? it's going to happen.

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Japan do not know that it is of great danger to discharge the water into the sea ???.

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I think , these water should be discharged into the house hold of the head of tepco first, then into tepco people who supported the decision. Lets see , how they will feel ???.

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I am sure that everyone involved, including the culprit and arrogant TEPCO, want to find the best possible solution. I do not believe that Japan wants to ruin its remaining reputation by causing another disaster by releasing polluted water unless the government is convinced that it will be the least troublesome solution to the problem. In any case, once the waste storage is full, it will start leaking into sea. Whether it happens controlled or not is the question.

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