U.S. base on Okinawa confirms 36 more coronavirus cases


Authorities have confirmed 36 more coronavirus infections at Camp Hansen on Okinawa, taking to 136 the tally at U.S. military bases on the island, Kyodo News said on Wednesday.

The outbreak emerged at the weekend, provoking the anger of the prefecture's governor, who has called into question the U.S. military's virus prevention measures.

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The only reason the numbers are increasing daily here is because the military is testing, testing, testing, and testing more!

People who are scheduled to leave MUST have a negative test before boarding a plane. Incoming people are tested, and then put into quarantine for two weeks and MUST test negative again, prior to being allowed out of quarantine.

The military is doing the exact opposite of what Japan has done with the testing! Japan keeps numbers down because they dont test, and the military numbers are going up because everyone is tested. Not to mention that it is in the military's best interests to keep those infected away from potentially infecting others.

Japan can not say the same thing, and any politician that complains about the military's infection rate is a damn hypocrite!

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no Yubaru, the numbers are increasing because inside bases the management has been deficient. It is not a coincidence that 2 weeks after celebrations an outbreak happened.

Okinawa was free of new case for more than two months, everybody followed quarantine measurements, used masks correctly, keep social distance, etc. and everyday people were tested and the numbers were reported too.

I cannot talk about all Japan but at least Okinawa did well, and Sendai, where I recently traveled.

military is doing tests , yes but it is nothing remarkable or extraordinary is a must with the number of cases they have. But that is not enough, the problem was in 2 bases now it has spread to all.

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Doesn't matter how much testing you do if people don't follow basic safety steps.

America has the highest number in the world of infected and dying. Main reason is because they don't follow safety steps like wearing a mask, keeping distance.

This soldiers not only in Japan but S. Korea as well, have been seeing out partying, having a good time, not wearing mask, drunk and loud on the beach. Your just giving a pass to bad behavior.

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More and more soldiers get infected inside bases for years. Potentially infected soldiers would regularly be stationed to bases from terribly infected homeland. They would back home for quarantine as there is not enough quarantine facility in bases.

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This soldiers not only in Japan but S. Korea as well, have been seeing out partying, having a good time, not wearing mask, drunk and loud on the beach. Your just giving a pass to bad behavior.

You saw them? or you're just going off of "reports?" A few of them are bad, so they are all bad, right? No Japanese were at that beach an partying, right?

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Yesterday we heard through various Japanese reports that there was an additional 64 identified at the US bases in Okinawa, totaling 225 since July 7, exceeding the local total of 191. The news was circulated nationwide alongside the numerous photos of the military people having parties outside, seemingly enjoying themselves to the full, none of them wearing masks. So much for prevention measures and thoughts for others..

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