U.S.-chartered ship to join deep-sea F-35A search


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The Van Gogh's a beautiful ship. Wish I could take a sail on this mission.

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If anyone can find a jet 3km below the ocean, USA can. It is vital the US and Japan recover the F-35A, as China and Russia will be doing everything to find it and steal the op-secret technology.

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Is it at the bottom of the ocean or in China? Japan and China are economic allies.

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Not clear to which of the two ships the last line refers. Wishing them all luck.

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These salvage ships cost 10’s of thousands of dollars per day to charter. Clients don’t hire them until they are fairly certain of the wreck location. The search can be conducted with cheaper mini-submersibles.

The wreck has probably already been located, and the salvage ships are being called in to examine and develop a salvage plan, which could be particularly challenging due to ocean currents, seabed terrain, etc....

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The Van Gogh specialist ship is ported out of Singapore.

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The Van Gogh specialist ship is ported out of Sinagpor

Hmmm...and that country has close links to china

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Considering that Russia is the only country that is able to send men into space, I am not sure they are interested in US scrap, crap technology.

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"as China and Russia will be doing everything to find it and steal the op-secret technology."

China "farts" around Senkakus waters, Japan knows about it.

They don't have the capability to come just off Aomori and undertake "salvage"

"We have a pretty good idea where it is," a senior US Navy official told CNN this week, adding that the search area was looking at depths around 1,500 feet (450 meters), far shallower than the 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) that had been speculated, and a depth that would make recovery operations much easier."

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Reading the news this morning, it seems there are actually not two but three specialized ships converging on the site, the Van Gogh, the Kaimei and the Muroto.

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PS Source, in Japanese for those that dare to venture.

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