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U.S. military to join search for crashed Japan SDF choppers in Pacific


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It’s good of the US to help out. Given their resources, they are much more capable and have a lot more expertise. Bravo!

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A thankless task,so good on them.

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With the US right there in Japan, and this just gives Japan and the US another opportunity even though a very sad time for Japan to work together and tighten relations even further.

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They lost their lives and weren’t even in battle

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USFJ and JSDF are in a complementary relationship. They mutually function as part of the same gang, at least in Okinawa.

Naha Air Port, currently dubbed as a civilian commercial airport, used to be a U.S. Air Force base with a sprawling residential area surrounding it. JADF took over its operations and maintenance after the reversion of Okinawa but the air traffic control is still in the hands of U.S. Kadena Air Base

The crashed helicopters are license-produced in Japan, so that they are basically U.S.-made military equipment. So much so that it's no surprise for the U.S. Air Force had joined search efforts to locate the crashed JADF' helicopters in the Pacific Ocean.

Note, however, that when a Yokota-based CV-22 Osprey crashed off Yakushima last year, the U.S. military prohibited the Japanese side from investigating the cause of the crash. 

All this means that USFJ has a dominant power over JSDF, which eventually means that Japan is nothing but a deplorable U.S. vassal.

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