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A F-18E fighter jet prepares to take off from USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier on Thursday, during a three-day joint naval exercise by the U.S., Japanese and South Korea at the East China Sea amid tension from China and North Korea. Image: AP/Mari Yamaguchi

U.S., Japan and South Korea hold drills in disputed sea

By Mari Yamaguchi

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YrralToday 09:30 pm JST

Foreigners learn from Ukraine,see how Ukraine has been abandoned by the US

Over $40 billion dollars in military assistance alone is hardly "abandoned."


To date, we have provided approximately $44.2 billion in military assistance since Russia launched its premeditated, unprovoked, and brutal full-scale invasion against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, and more than $47 billion in military assistance since Russia’s initial invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

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Look at all the nations working together to secure peace and stability in the South China sea. While one nation works to destabilize the region, to cause trouble in other nations territory and to have the gal to insist it is the one working for peace. China is at the center of instability and mistrust, in coercion and provocation to get its way over all others. China breaks international laws and norms without hesitation or regret.

It is a good thing that many nations are prepared to work together to keep the peace in the face of a hostile and belligerent China.

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I salute the American, Japanese and South Korean participants in these drills. All playing their part, working together to keep the region secure from totalitarian expansion.

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TokyoLivingToday 02:56 am JST

Vietnam, Latin America, etc..

Vietnam and Latin America are doing quite well without Chinese usury wrecking the place.

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the South China Sea...

Not the North Philippine sea. Why is that?

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Mr KiplingToday 08:27 am JST

the South China Sea...

Not the North Philippine sea. Why is that?

Are you also of the opinion that India owns the entire Indian ocean?

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Rear Admiral Alexander, Commander of Carrier Strike Group Nine, said.

"The significance of this exercise is we have three like-minded countries that believe in peace, security and stability in the western Pacific.”

The catch is that Japan has a similar territorial dispute to the Senkaku issue with South Korea over barren islets in Japan Sea, which are called Takeshia in Japan but called Dok-do in South Korea. How will the U.S.-led Carrier Strike Group deal with this problem?

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