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Kadena residents angered by U.S. parachuting drill


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Are they trying to ruin relations with Japan?

-14 ( +2 / -16 )

When I lived in Okinawa many Okinawans loved watching the military drills. There are always 2 sides to the story.

15 ( +17 / -2 )

Japan and the United States have agreed to hold such drills only at a different airfield

...So what was the excuse for holding the drill at a place they had agreed not to hold it? And after the town asked them not to?

1 ( +7 / -6 )

God forbid the troops train. It is a massive air base, get over it.

9 ( +12 / -3 )

Get Americans angry to Japan. Is not Japan begging America to hold down North Korea?

5 ( +9 / -4 )

Get Americans angry to Japan. Is not Japan begging America to hold down North Korea?

Not Okinawa for sure. They have been oppressed by Japanese government for centuries, and even now when the majority and the local government is in outrage that U.S. bases are still there, Abe's government ignores them splendidly.

It sounds strange, but they are hardly Japan when the legal entity denies their wishes in a democratic (presumably) regime.

-7 ( +2 / -9 )

Comparing a trailer to a human being is a bit of a stretch.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

A little silly to be mad at the hand that protects you.

And what kind of logic is this? Who is angry? The residents?

Are they all upset or just half or a third? Aren't you supposed to report things that are somewhat factual or at least comprehendable?

6 ( +7 / -1 )

Yikes! Any emergency drill could signify how serious the situation is with North Korea.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Huh? Do they not know the situation right now or are they just fools in general? It's an Air base!

4 ( +6 / -2 )

Honestly they should just be thankful that they weren't occupied by the Soviets.

-1 ( +4 / -5 )

I can't imagine the awful noise of all those parachutes coming down. How do they deal with it!?

1 ( +4 / -3 )

The article should read "A "Few" Residents Angry."

This is easily substantiated by the fact Uruma City had just elected an LDP NichiBei Alliance and Henoko Relocation supporting Mayor. It is a good indication that because the majority of Mayor's policies are pro alliance and US Bases that the mojority of the public are too.

unless there's an electoral college system here that I never knew about

2 ( +3 / -1 )

"Local residents remember an incident in 1965 in which an elementary school girl was fatally crushed by a trailer that had been parachuted down to the village of Yomitan during a U.S. military drill."

So what? How stupid are these people?

How is that tragic accident related to the situation now?

Those over 70 year olds would do well to stop dreaming of the past, and spare a thought for the future and for younger people.

How would these armchair complainers feel if the U.S. abandoned Okinawa now in the face of the threats from North Korea? Thought so.

0 ( +4 / -4 )

America won the war, Japan lost. The Americans will do what they want when they want when it comes to Okinawa. Unless the okinawans or Japan can take back the islands by force, the residents will just have to stick to their shouting and placards and plead with the eagle to listen to the humble rabbit's story.

Spoken like a true fighter for freedom and democracy!

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

@Naumov danilla

What You have just descibed about Okinawa is the same situation most Western countries are in. ie. we all have governments that don't represent or listen to what the public really want. The public is sick of all the Politically correct BS & lies.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Perhaps the war is eminent and this base may be needed by the forces.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Freedom and democracy are for the eagles to be shared amongst themselves. Grass is for the rabbits and cows. Now, chew on that.

Kind of makes me glad Trump won the election knowing what he'll do (is doing) to the US.

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