Ueno zoo gives pandas privacy as mating season starts


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Cant help but finding it funny that it made news fufufu

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How long will the display be closed?

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Some music turned low, a bottle of wine, and the bamboo's on ice, baby.

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Having seen their environment at the zoo, I can only say it should be larger, as well as shuttered for privacy.

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I hope the giant pandas spark panda passion.

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I've got a Barry White album I'd be happy to lend them.

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I bet there are few bamboo groves in China where they could have enough privacy and piece of mind that breeding would be much more successful. And then just leave them there.

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Kanagawa and many European and US Zoos got very successful panda breeding programs.

Let them relax for a bit.

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Could we be more concerned with animals that don't seem to sabotage themselves so much? I mean they don't want to breed, they eat food that provides near 0 health benefits and they do nothing beneficial but entertain people while they sleep and eat.

More tigers, less pandas, please.

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More tigers, less pandas, please.

Some pandas can entertain people with dance if they have been trained. Pandas do not maul the zoo keepers, villagers, cattle and babies like Tiger. What is the contribution of Tiger to the society? Life of Pi?

More Pandas, Less Tigers, please.

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More tigers, more pandas, fewer elementary grammatical errors. ; )

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Jesus. I felt the pressure when just my Mother was nagging me for grandchildren. These poor guys have the expectations of a whole country hanging over them. Way to not be able to perform!

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