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Unemployed foreign tech interns in Japan to be allowed to switch jobs


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Off to the fields then?

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Good for them in being proactive. It's definitely more generous compared to what foreigners have experienced elsewhere.

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I sincerely wish them good luck in finding work during this pandemic. Japanese graduates are having a rough time as it is, let alone foreign workers.

I hope they are successful!

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while industries such as agriculture and nursing care face labor shortages as new technical intern trainees cannot travel to Japan.

The agency, together with other public entities, will try to match out-of-work foreigners with farms and nursing care facilities in need.

Why not just let these human beings do whatever they can during this period instead of moving them from one hole into another.

They will be designated to specific activities up for up to a year now that no more slaves are coming in soon enough.

From the article,they have no otherwise,it is not an option.

This country never ceases to amaze with it's viscous cycle of "use and dump".

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Humans allowed to do human things, how enlightening

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So let me get this straight. An IT guy loses his job, and will be looked credential wise to see if he can become a nurse or a farmer for a year?

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Sorry but I don’t think there are any IT guys working in this ‘slave for year’ program. I mean, the Foreign Trainee program. Most are working in jobs Japanese don’t want ie dangerous and dirty factory jobs.

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The title of this blurb is VERY misleading!! It sounds like people in IT will now be allowed to be farmers & work in old folks homes etc BUT that is not what the article says!!

What this is all about is the slave labour programs now has a bunch of low level labour not needed so they are being ""Nice"" enough to allow them to work in agriculture & old folks homes as the NEW CROP  of cheap labour cannot arrive now!!!

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They are happily and on their own will coming to Japan to work. That makes them no more slaves than anyone else working at a job for money. These are the jobs that are needed and that is why they invited to come IF they want. Knowning this in advance.

Its not like some other great countries that kidnapped people and sail them to the land of dreams to find out that they will need to work for ever to pay back for their freedom if it ever would come.

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They aren't "interns" or "trainees." They're low wage laborers. The Singapore government is providing theirs with free accommodation, meals and other support during this period. I hope Japan is too, although I havent read anything about that. Interviewed on NHK about a week ago, a bunch of them who got laid off said they were running out of money.

Since this is a program organized by the government and private sector, it is their responsibly to take care of them, well beyond the very mild measure of allowing them to seek jobs in nursing homes(!).

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Human rights must be set up in Japan. I want to help all foreigners in japan.

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