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UNHCR calls on Japan to do more as refugee approval rate 'quite low'


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An study recently pointed out that the US will soon have the youngest population of any developed country and the economic benefits of this - and that, given the fact that the US birthrate is below replacement (some 1.7%), this is thanks to immigration.

Japan will make its own decisisions. One they've made is to become old and increasingly cut off from the world - the path to irrelevancy. (My son is considering bailing for the US.)

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Don't do it Japan, take a look at Western Countries that have allowed high numbers of refugees into their Countries, they become a burden on the financial system via the welfare state and they also become a burden on the criminal system.

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The chaps grasp of the understatement is positively British!

Refugees should seek asylum in the first safe country. Anyone else is just an economic migrant and each country has a right to determine the basis upon which it chooses to permit such in to their country.

Given Japans location it is unlikely that it is the first safe country any so called refugees will reach (unless they are from China or North Korea) so these are just economic migrants. As such they should apply through the appropriate channels before travelling.

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Contrary to some comments on here, I don't think the High Comissioner is asking for Mass Immigration or High Numbers, just simply that the approval rate is "quite low" and for Japan to treat those seeking asylum better.

With last years rate of acceptances at 0.25% or 42 people in total out of 16000+, a ten fold increase to 420 would hardly make a ripple.

In fact this would only realize about a 0.00035% increase in total population.

This suggests, rather than hordes decimating the country as some people believe, that there is enormous room to move in the approval and integration of refugees into society.

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As for me, UNHCR and " First " world nations are two sides of the same coin. One spills blood the other is paid by the Spiller's to clean it, and both come out spiffy ! I'd just ask the biggest " donors " to these organizations to stay well away from the " refugees " producing countries and the problem will be redundant.

I was being tremendously tortured by the J authorities, my embassy had been intimidated so I wrote to UNHCR, in vain. Fake orgs!!

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If many of these countries were not being bombed to pieces and exploited to slave like conditions by the rich nations , we would have NO refugees problems. Those maligning " refugees " should look closer home for the genesis of the manufactured " problem " .

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In reality - there are few people who arrive on Japan's shores that are truly "refugees" in the sense of the word that most of us envision...

We tend to see these "refugees" as the stereotypical people from 3rd world countries without a pot to p**s in and little other than the clothes on their back who are fleeing war, disease and impoverishment...

The UNHCR has done it's best to reclassify many who used to be considered "refugees" and instead gives them the classification of "IDP's" or "Internally Displaced Persons" - - these people are those that are displaced ( sometimes within their own countries or countries that border their own ) by conflict, natural disasters and other reasons... These peoples are NOT refugees and indeed they arrive on Japan's shores to claim "status" because they can afford the plane ticket to get here... IDP's are expected to have a reasonable chance of being able to "go home" one day and this is why they receive a 2nd class status - so to speak - and do not need to ask for protection - protection being the 1st mandate of the UNHCR...

It's a befuddled mess to tell the truth - who is really a refugee ? who is simply an IDP ? who is an economic immigrant ?

This is the 2 edged sword that Japan wields - for the most part it is tough to claim refugee status if you arrive by plane from Frankfurt............................... Refugee "status" - as recognised by all member states of the UN - can only be given by the UNHCR and the people being turned away likely do not posses "status" and as such - a difficult time proving that they need to relocate to Japan...

The comments of the High Commissioner are being taken out of context IMO - I am sure that he would like to see Japan accept more refugees - but the ones that he's talking about don't arrive here by there own means - they are waiting in line in a UNHCR camp or housing facility somewhere - waiting.....

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Japan accepts genuine refugees, not economic migrants. There's a huge difference. It's very hard to find yourself a genuine refugee in Japan, simply due to geography.

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A word of advice for Japan, do not let the UN dictate anything to you.

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Don't do it Japan, take a look at Western Countries that have allowed high numbers of refugees into their Countries, they become a burden on the financial system via the welfare state and they also become a burden on the criminal system.

Or, alternatively, Japan could look at which countries have refugees integrated, and in which not, and copy those that have shown good results, namely, the US, not Europe.

Here's the difference. In Europe, you will be highly discouraged from working, and if despite all the discouragement you still want to work, they make it almost impossible for you to overcome the regulations and requirements. They trap you in their welfare system, which in tern isolates you from society. Free money every month. Why would anybody be stupid enough to want to work?

In contrast, in the US, they tell you: you either work or die on the streets.

Amazingly, the US model works better for integrating newcomers.

All Japan needs to do is let them in, give them work permit and tell them: you take care of yourself. You're on your own. Don't seek help, if you can't find a job, starve on the streets or go home. You will then see refugees magically finding a job and taking care of themselves. I've seen an interview couples of years ago with some refugees in Tokyo. They said all they want is to be allowed to work so they can take care of themselves. They weren't even allowed to work. They were trapped in their welfare system just like in Europe. Blame your own ridiculously stupid system instead of blaming the refugees. Those who commit crime, arrest them, deport them, problem solved.

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Still look to the superpower of the world today , the US of A. Lady Colombia notwithstanding, ( go west young man ...) It is the " mother lode " of refugees settlement. The Japanese themselves during Meiji and Taisho eras , ever wonder why there are so many Nikkei jin in South & North America ? Hawaii, Australia etc ? Those countries opened their doors at Japan's time of need, and they're thriving.

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Good for Japan.

The world has seen what has happened in countries with porous borders and where 'refugees' have been allowed to settle indiscriminately.

Stay strong Japan, don't let those hypocrites shame you into destroying Japan from within.

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It's time to start talking about refugees who have worked hard and developed the skills in the countries which provided shelter, and then returned home. That should be the ultimate goal.

The first world cannot keep taking in an endless stream of refugees forever. We need promotion of refugees who have been able to return to their now safe homelands and use their new knowledge to make them a better place. Surely this is the long term solution?

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Empathy is a quality always best observed and in others - suspect this Fillipo Grandi fellow has little encouragement for his own country to impoverish itself for those seeking access to the welfare table.

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Asian countries are ruining Europe by not accepting more refugees! Refugee crisis is a world problem not a European. Refugees seek to Europe because it's "easy" and filled with wealth. The last 12 years Japan has accepted a mere 158 asylum seekers. South Korea has accepted only 522 since 1992! China with a population of over 1.4 billion and the world's 3 largest country, "only" has 350 000 refugees. As an example, Sweden with only 11 million inhabitants, has accepted over 280 000.

Do not come to me and say that Asian countries are doing enough for world stability. Asian countries are nationalistic and more interested in saving themselves than helping people in need. That way, the world is now in a state of huge unjust and imbalance. Asia and America should do more!

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@englisc aspyrgend

Refugees should seek asylum in the first safe country ... Given Japans location it is unlikely that it is the first safe country any so called refugees will reach (unless they are from China or North Korea).

Very true but, sadly, fake immigration would be the most obvious way for either one of those nations to develop a 5th column inside Japan.


Asian countries are ruining Europe by not accepting more refugees! 

Is that a joke? If so, it's quite funny.

In 9/10th of the cases, you can pretty much peg the cause of the disorder that is provoking migration on American-European interference and provocation, both present day and historical.

The greatest influence in creating world stability would be if the USA stuck within its own borders.

Why should Japan and Japanese society pay for the turmoil it is creating?

Japan is doing more than it needs to. Paying in a global fund for refugees to be cared for and established as near to their homes as possible - and keeping out of conflicts that create such situations - is more than enough.

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UNHCR calls on Japan to do more as refugee approval rate 'quite low'

Quite low. 0.25% is extremely low.

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Listen to Europeans accuse each other on " refugees'


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Japan has enough problems of its own, supporting the Citizens here who are unfortunate enough to not be in employment , without needing an influx of others under the banner of "Refugees", so the UNHCR can say what they like, but unless they wish to put the $ where their mouth is, Japan, and other Countries can just ignore them.

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Funny thing is, losing WWII meant Japan never got to establish its Empire and, by doing so, avoided becoming saddled with all of the mass immigration problems those European nations who had empires now have.

I tend to summarize this issues as the old Imperialists who denied Japan it's empire saying to Japan,

"Look, we've screwed up our societies, it's only fair that you do too! We're at out maximum capacity, so you take on some of the burden."

Don't fall for it.

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Talk about whether a person who can't do his best in his hometown even though it isn't caused by war or conflict can do his best in the new world.

In Europe, especially in Africa, the country that decided to divide the country by ignoring tribes is responsible for accepting immigrants.

It ’s like creating the cause of a conflict.

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Japan is treating this matter in the best possible way by giving substantial financial aid to the region.

Refugees should be supported in their own region where they speak the same language and share the same religion and values.

Furthermore there is a recent rise in violent attacks committed by refugees in Europe where a terrorist motive might be involved, why should the lives of people living in Japan be endangered ?

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Refugees or not, each countryn has the right to determine how that is handled. UN as with EU must stop forcing Japan to conform to their (UN's) so called moral values and obligations that presume is the best for each country. Each country is different and cannot be expected to be the same with other countries. To demand a quota type idea is dictatorial.

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Let us not be quick in judging Japan in this issue. If you look at the number of applicants rejected and correlate this to the reason of rejection, maybe we can see the bigger picture. If you also talk with the applicants, you'll soon realize that a large number of those denied are fake refugees. They falsify documents and lie. This is unfair for both Japan and the applicants who are really qualified.

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